What YOU Need to Know About Corporatism

It is important to understand the forces at work, not through a paranoid lens but rather through an understandable human behavior lens.  I like the way Assange describes the process here.  He first reads from the screenplay of a movie purportedly about Assange and wikileaks to be released this November.  The film opens with a lie-filled scene claiming that Iran is close to developing nuclear weapons and would sell the technology.  He reads 2 or 3 lies embedded in the film, then goes on to say,

So that’s the reality of where we’re at, not merely a war of intelligence agencies but a war of corrupt media, corrupt culture.  That war, we’ve got to understand, people who have appeared on this panel have been involved, sometimes with great sacrifice, at revealing the truth about important parts of the world, how the world is unfolding, how the world is shaping, the nature of institutions.  They have revealed it, heroically in many cases, to the historical record, to our civilization as a whole, to you.  You have to understand that where there are great powers at work—I don’t mean shadow conspiracies, I mean enormous cultural powers, enormous industrial powers, the vast network of corporations that interact with government agencies around the world, selling them products, shipping their logistics from one place to another.  The National Security Agency, for an example, now has approximately 70 percent of its expenditure pass through Grumman and Lockheed Martin etc.  This produces a lobby that pushes in particular directions.  How is it that such a lie got into a script about wikileaks?  How is it that in that lie that was the National Intelligence Estimate, how is that anyone could think that it is tolerable, that it is acceptable, to foist that lie on the public?





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Assange is right and has powerful enemies

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He could have handled things better with some of his colleagues at Wikileaks but what he is saying he is true nevertheless. That guilty of rape before a trial BS is nonsense as well as breaking intrnational law going after the Ecuadorian embassy. There is also a paid operative on the GOS taking way too much interest in that case while getting the facts wrong and citing what doens't prove anything.

It all amounts to this definition of corporatism.

Thank you, geomoo.

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have to respect Ecuador's stance

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Putting aside one's perspective on Assange, consider the courage demonstrated by Ecuador in providing Assange refuge.  I hope that his safety in their embassy is not affected by any future political changes in Ecuador.

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Bierce had a way of cutting through the BS

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I'm not sure if there was ever a more caustic writer than Ambrose Bierce.  He could cut through the nonsense with a precision that has not been seen since the death of Mike Royko.

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Thanks for this

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The video serves to remind us of the level and the extent of propaganda the public is subjected to continuously.

I think it was Glenn Greenwald who wrote something to the effect that "the establishment media exists to serve the establishment, not to challenge them".

Sorry I don't have a link but it is a good idea to keep this in mind when relying on the corporate media for information. As Assange points out in the video the PTB are fearful of the Internet because it may be used to challenge their agenda and the facts relating to it.

So many lies through the decades, but people are so foolable and continue to fall for the propaganda.

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