If This is What Democracy Looks Like...

So apparently, a small group of senators and administration officials hammered out a deal tonight that will be voted on later this evening. No doubt, both sides will be pressuring their members to vote for the deal for the good of the country. The Democratic Party sycophants loyalists will praise this capitulation pragmatic move while the mainstream talking heads oscillate between discussions of the "political implications" and playing up the magnitude of the now-averted crisis.

A small group of people negotiated an extremely consequential bill and they are ramming it through the Senate while most of the American people are too busy celebrating to pay close attention to the details. Hell, we're not even going to get to the details until after the bill has passed the Senate. But we don't have anything to worry about. It's not like special lobbies have a history of slipping bullshit provisions into MUST PASS legislation.

It's all good. Just trust our leaders without question. They have only our best interests at heart.




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we agree on this one!

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This is sort of funny. The script was lying around for weeks and anybody could have read it. Many did! Luckily for me I'd given up long ago or else I'd be feeling sad today.

I'm especially angry or not caring, one of those, about people who are already talking about how important the mid-terms will be and how we have to elect Democrats to help out the President. What I'd really like is a parliamentary type of government that would force new elections next month. Or else I just want to ignore it, je ne suis pas sur.

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I think you can buy your way in

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Last I looked it was pretty expensive. But according to the points formula I can't get in.

ok, found the info. You can become a Canadian if you have $800,000 to "invest". That means you give the Canadian government that money, they use it for 5 years, then return it to you with no interest.

Currently we're several hundred thousand shy of that figure so that's another way we can't get in.

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