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Voices on the Square was built by a community for our community. We strive to create tools and resources that can be shared and utilized for the benefit of us all. In the spirit of fostering such an open-source atmosphere, this guide is meant to help members achieve the most out of Voices on the Square. Our collaboratively written user guide will grow to encompass all our capabilities over time. Please feel free to comment on individual pages in order to help us clarify any points and assist other users in understanding how to use our technology. Specific technical support questions regarding your account or community moderation issues should be directed to the contact page.


another test

shaharazade's picture

I cannot post comments as after I preveiw them they time out . Is it me I really would like to be part of VOTS but today I have tried to post at l;east 6 (brilliant) comments repeatedly and they all time out. hope you can help me. Thanks


and one more for good luck

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going to wait a minute here and see if there's a time out.


ho dee da...whistle...


This is Shahryar, by the way. I'm sort of convinced this will work and then when shaharazade tries it she'll get the same error messages. It's like when you take your car in because you heard a funny noise but then no one can find it so you drive home and it starts up again as you pull into your driveway.

It's probably a dumb question but

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why can't disabled rich-text be the default format for posting comments?

When posting a comment and then making revisions I see that "Disable rich-text" has reappeared. Unless you get it exactly the way you want it on the first draft it takes longer than it should in order write and post a comment.

Is there some reason we need rich-text? Could it possibly be eliminated?