Weekend Question Open Thread

Well, it's the first of December, we're getting close to the actual holidays, so I have a holiday related question.

What thing - material thing, not the world peace kind, that's for another one of these -  do you want to receive most this holiday season and why?





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i think i would like a kindle or one of those kindle like...

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readers. have wanted one for a while, but i lost all of my books when i lost my storage a couple years ago, and i had a libraries worth, and i'd love to start building my collection again, cuz i love to read. i don't have the space and i love that the kindle can just store that stuff...

so that's my selfish little Christmas list for Santa.

the altruistic wants will come in a later questions OT. :D

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I want an Ipod for running

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I don't know if you can load Mp3s on it from a PC though. If not that than a Zune or something like that.

I'm not going to have a good Christmas though. I have to get 2 wisdom teeth pulled and will probably get shit for it because it will be expensive. I don't know, maybe it could get better afterward  but it's the only time I can ask for stuff conceivably with less blowback.

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I listen to my iPod when I run

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load CDs into iTunes (you can pick the ones you want, you don't have to load them all), then when you're done with that you can plug the iPod into your computer and it will automatically load up everything you put on your computer.

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