King Of Conspiracy Theorists has Epic Meltdown

Alex Jones is nothing if not entertaining.  He never met a conspiracy that he couldn't embrace.  Indeed, he has made a comfortable living presenting half truths and fabrications to those too lazy to do their own research.  His SHOUTOUT on the Piers Morgan show is one for the memory books.  I'm not a fan of Morgan but I have to wonder just what was going through his mind while the perpetually outraged Jones was getting more and more unhinged.  Has to be seen to be appreciated.  This is Part I............

  Wow.  Here's Part II








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The most significant moment on television

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I am completely serious when I say I believe the most telling moment on tv last year, in terms of being culturally revealing, was when Piers Morgan (creepy indeed) was interviewing the Dalai Lama.  He had a few tittilating questions lined up for His Holiness.  Had he ever taken drugs or alcohol and so on?  One question was whether he had ever lusted after women.  His Holiness first answered with a pointed response, how often he saw people getting divorced and how horrible that was for the children.  Piers was uninterested and repeated the question.  Finally, the Dalai Lama said, "Why would I?  I have no disturbances in my mind."

His holiness has spent hours a day since the age of 5 in disciplined spiritual practice.  At no point did Piers reveal a hint of interest in this salient fact even though it is the central point of the Dalai Lama's life and should be the reason for his celebrity.  Piers was unabashedly seeking prurient content to contribute to the steady stream of tittilating television which keeps Americans on edge, hyped up, and by and large devoid of self-reflection.  Piers, and I'm sure the vast majority of his viewers, has no interest in what it means to "have no disturbances in the mind" and thus not to be seeking tittilation everywhere, through exploitation of the world, others, and the self, including our deeply shameful national discussion on torture.  To take one current example, in the heated discussion over Dark Thirty Zero, I have nowhere seen anyone question the most basic fact, why is there a reason to show to millions of people an extended scene of torture and what effect does that have on us as a society?

Sorry for the OT, Sartoris.  I can never see Piers Morgan again without thinking of that interview with the Dalai Lama and the way it pointed to a deeply degenerate society unaware of itself and with virtually no interest in meaningful self-examination.

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It is not really a clip of the Piers Morgan show

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Geomoo, don't worry about having to watch Piers Morgan.  He's not really in the clip.  Ever heard of Hitchcock's Macguffin device?  The plot device necessary to move the story along, usually, a macguffin is never explained, it's just 'accepted' as presented.  Piers Morgan is the MacGuffin in this little Alex Jones act..............

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