Thursday Evening Open Thread

Have I ever mentioned that I love Wonkette?  I do.  I want to have Rebecca Schoenkopf's babies.  Srsly.

Some super-yummy snarky goodness to brighten your evening:

Unchastened Chris Christie Continues to Make Sweet Gay Love to Barack Obama

Weep, Ye Mighty, For Fallen Soldier Joe the Plumber  (a post in their fabu "Pantheon of Fallen Heroes" series that they started sometime around yesterday).

Ted Nugent Death/Jail Watch, Day One

GOP Superhero Donald Trump Calls for Revolution, Changes Mind

Go, read, snicker.  You'll feel better.




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Open thread is open correct?

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I was thinking about writing something about revolution so to speak, again.  Alot of unhappy talk from many of us and those we read.  I don't even know what to call those of us against the duopoly, imperialism, drone wars, the banking oligarchy, corporatism, militarism, etc.  I'm not calling myself a progressive or liberal anymore, there are too many using the same term that I do not agree with.  Might as well call myself a tea bagger.   From now on it's totally issue based.  "Oh, you're a liberal?  What are you liberal in or for?" 

Anyway, something about what the primary problems are, what could possibly be done about them, the options, and who is working on solutions now.

But after a day reading here and elsewhere, I'm wondering if that wouldn't be a waste of my time.  Things seem so bleak relative to the kind of change some of us seek.  Not sure we even have a fucking chance. 

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Open thread is totally completely open.

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And I can't speak to whether or not there's any point in talking about revolution.  The only comment that comes to mind is that the human race seems prone to them.  Do any of us have any real reason to believe that they have irrevocably become a thing of the past?

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With good reason

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revolutions regardless of how they end and which of the most nasty monkeys co-opt them. Revolution is the real endless war the only one that recognizes  progress as  a humanistic life force a path against enslavement. It is the struggle we have to repeat over and over again.. The powers that look at  progress as how we need to beat the competitor as they are a threat to our worst instincts as humans are our enemy. . After all those who want to rule the world and are successful entrepreneurs and savvy businessmen deserve the booty and power they worked hard for . They are the  responsible ones and the rest of us and our planet are just  the price we must pay for this twisted 'way forward'  that is inevitable. Always has been and ever shall be life without end, amen. Manifest destiny you know, can't argue with that, it's a done deal . It's unstoppable even though the priest's of power feel your pain and regret the earth's demise it's just pragmatic and inevitable that we continue on 'the way forward as terrists, socialists, and extremist's from the left and right just obscure the true and just owners of the world from  making a profit and doing God's work. After all God and America want wall street and the masters of war to win.They are pragmatic and  our fate is inevitable give in.        

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