Weekend Question Open Thread

Well, that damn election is finally over, so this seemed like a good time to have a thread for whatever you're feeling.

What are your thoughts now that the election is finally over?

Anything goes - venting, joy, theories, plans of action, etc...





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Oh no.

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The authoritarians are authoritarians and they will find a reason to tell you to STFU. Next, it will be "Oh no, the midterms, the midterms!"

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Six billion dollars spent...

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and we're exactly where we were on November 5.  I must admit I am rather enjoying watching Karl Rove being raked over the coals.  If evil exists in this world, he surely personifies it.  I keep thinking he'll show up on Fox with broken kneecaps, courtesty of Sheldon Adelson and his casino goons.  Ah well, I'll settle for the ruination of Crossroads/Crossroads GPS and Rove being sidelined in 2014 and beyond.

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