Party On The Square- Crazy!

This week at the Party we're going crazy. Here at chez triv the big meal is over, we were all very thankful, all fat and happy and now the long weekend yawns before us. We told ourselves beforehand that we weren't going to shop, we weren't going to do any running around, we were just going to stay home and enjoy the time with the family...where was I? Oh, yes, crazy! Let's go, shall we?



You May Be Right


Mad Love


Crazy Love


Just Like A Pill




She's Not There


So, what tunes spark some insanity for you? I'm going to share a few more of mine down in the comments, won't you join me?





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Crazy 'Bout Ya Baby

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Charted at #8 in Billboard in May 1954. The first hit for the Crew-Cuts. Original Billboard review: "The Crew Cuts, new vocal group on the label, turn in another  good performance here with a bright, snappy rendition of a slick novelty item.  The boys sell it in bubbly fashion, and the side has possibilites with exposure." Billboard rating: 77 out of 100. Written by Pat Barrett and Rudi Maugeri. The  other side of this single is "Angela Mia".



And this is a little crazy, too... for those -- well, ya know.


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