Most Interesting Thing You've Read This Past Week

Howdy! Welcome to the our weekly open thread on interesting reads! This is where to post links to those great things that made you say "Ah!" when you read them, so the rest of us can read them too!

So what is the most interesting thing you've read in the past week?

It can be anything - a book, a news article, a blog post, a recipe, a cartoon, anything goes...

And please - if there's a link, link it; if it's a recipe post it. :D





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Yeah, me, too, haven't read much due to this and that.

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Life interevened... and not for the best.  Anyway...

But I have read headlines and heard asinine "news reports" of something called "fiscal cliff."

I can't help but think about how successful Occupy was in changing the meme from deficit to something that really mattered, but Occupy with a few exceptions, one of them being Sandy, has been neutered, thus leaving open the stoopid media to run with, "OMG, fiscal cliff."  Sickening.

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Not without the Obama/ Bush DHS 9/11 police state

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that has been building since Reagan ramped up the drug war though the Bush administration took that and exponentially built it up, Obama too so they used it to put the screw to Occupy using the mayors of each city to make it look like a local action that coincidentally was coordinated.

But yeah, that was a major blow to Occupy though there are good initiatives that have been successful like 8 million for Rolling Jubilee retiring medical debt and Occupy our Homes stopping some foreclosures.

Indeed, I shudder to think about what we would be hearing if Occupy never existed even though the media is back with this fiscal cliff BS.

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I read two novels

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Both by Dennis Lehane, while recuperating my back after it went out from a four hour drive to the compound.  One was about gangsters during prohibition, the other was a noir about a guy who travels to a hospital for the criminally insane to investigate an escape.  That one was called Shutter Island, extremely recommended. 

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I haven't read anything this week

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A rarity, but I don't read much during the holidays. I read David Plouffe's despicable spin and truth about what the White House is planning while i read dumb-ass orange diaries denying it.

I am just disgusted with politics and our political system.

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