Thursday Night Open Thread

I know a retired park ranger...he was always happy to work holidays because, IIRC, the rangers were paid double time and a half for doing so. Makes sense as holidays were generally the busiest time of the year for state and national parks.

So, my proposal is to make that mandatory, for all federal holidays. And we should add some new ones, like Voting Day. On a Saturday and put an end to this Tuesday sillyness.

But, back to more holidays. As is frequently the case, the United States is an embarrasmenet compared to some of the more civilized countries in the world. Finland, at the top of the scale, is pushing 40 a year when combined with paid leave.




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cut cut cut cut cut!!!!!

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WTF are you talking about? are unreasonable! We do cutting here in America, can't you see how that works out so beautifully?

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I'm totally stoked right now

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because in a week I'm flying far away to the Netherlands, a place I've never traveled to before. I will be staying with my hubby and enjoying myself immensely. Then, the weekend after that, we're going to Paris! It's going to be incredible.

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Wish I could emigrate there

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as the Netherlands were at position #17 on the paid time off  list. But I got a new job in the States, which I will be starting shortly after I return from my trip. Yet another reason to be totally stoked!

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Of course France

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being #2 on the list makes it another enviable locale in which to reside...

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guess I'll stay behind and make sure America doen't fall off the cliff ;)

Have fun you

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the way we treat workers in this country...

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is abominable. and the thing is, and the media has helped frame it this way, is instead of seeing the way were treated as unfair, the low info folks think that the people fighting for better conditions - the unions - are evil and everyone should be happy with what they get.

gawd we're a clueless populace. not only are we treated poorly, but we're poor to boot, even when working full time for a lot fo us...


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I love your proposal of the mandate of paid

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holidays.  It IS a reasonable thing to do, but yet... well, you know, our Congress and prez aren't exactly known for reasonable and just laws for The People.  Pity.

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