This needed to be posted today, if simply to remind us of the profound too early loss of a great philosopher. But even more so to remind us to keep striving towards peace.





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I remember Cosell was forced to announce it

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at the end of Monday Night Football and I remember crying at work the next night when Imagine came on the radio at lunch break. I wept openly for pretty much the rest of the night.

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I cried twice

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we were living in Hollywood. I'd heard it on TV. Shaharazade came home a little later and I told her "they shot Johnny" and I just broke down.

A couple of days later there was a worldwide moment of silence which we observed in Griffith Park with an awful lot of other people. That silence was broken by the bell intro to "Starting Over" and sobs came from all over. It makes me feel terrible just remembering.

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Still, sometimes I miss him so

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and to be cheated out of all these years of creativity and human response to authoritarianism.  We could have used him in 2004.  We could use him right now.  He would not be doing the Paul McCartney thing, I think.  Damn.

Does anyone remember, I think it was the album Imagine was on, on the album sleeve or elsewhere, but I think it was the sleeve, there was an invitation to join a group involved in living without national boundaries, or something like that.  It was subversive, that was my first thought:  "This is dangerous." I loved the idea and would have joined if I ever followed through on that sort of thing.  When I heard he'd been killed, that's the first thing I thought of.

His wit and humanity in response to the absurd legal attacks he faced, they stood out in an era filled with rebels on tv.  He gave the finger to those parts of the establishment that earned it.  I can't help thinking he paid the price.  The U.S. vs John Lennon has some stunning footage of John being dignified.

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