Open Thread: Flu Edition

I woke up this morning with the flu and a bunch of whiny emails from students trying to find more points to pass the class. I'm going to watch TV and take medicine. Nothing serious for me today, especially the kabuki theatre in DC over how hard to screw the poor in exchange for the greedy paying their fair share.





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Get better soon type 1 error!

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Oh and I am pissed. Pissed that a Democratic president offers up the signature accomplishment of the democratic party so his legacy will show he was bipartisan while kicking the poor and the elderly in the teeth. 

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sorry you have the flu type1... it's been going...

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around here for the past couple weeks and so far thank gawd i don't have it...

chicken soup and lots of telly... :D

and man, i think some folks at orange state owe our priceman a big fat apology regarding the SS cave that was predicted...

Nixon/China and then some... sigh....

feel better babe!  :D

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