Weekend Question Open Thread

Well, it's a lazy post-holiday weekend, so that's my inspiration and there are 2 questions.

First, what do you like/prefer to watch on TV/the toobz/hulu or wherever you watch show type content? The answer can be genre based or specific shows - however you feel like answering it.

Second, what are you watching now, if you are watching anything?





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well, right now i'm being a girlie girl and watching...

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the epic love story The Notebook.

normally, i tend to get my news and stuff online and save the TV for escape. most of the time i watch the criminal mystery spy stuff or law or political dramas or the Newsroom on HBO  :D. i watch the occasional comedy, but i'm really picky on comedies. and i do watch movies, especially old ones on the toob too.

but i do read a lot and got a Kindle Fire HD for Christmas from my folks and sibs, so i foresee a lot more reading and music listening in my future. just downloaded what i think is the specific recording i was looking for of Beethoven's 9th Symphony, so that's on my agenda tonight too... :D

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I'm kind of like you, my television watching is an escape.

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So I like to watch shows that will completely take my mind off of anything and everything but what I'm watching.  Kind of like a Calgon, take me away moment.

But everything I watch is always recorded.  I've so lost patience with commercials.  They break up my enjoyment of whatever I'm watching, plus I don't have that extra time to waste on a commericial I have no interest in.

I watch the criminal mystery spy stuff or law or political dramas or the Newsroom on HBO

Me, too.

And you know what I think would be spectacular now?  If some great writers got together and continued a West Wing-type show, this time showing the tea party republicans, and include the republican president and a few progressive characters, television characters who resemble Bernie Sanders and Alan Grayson, just to name two, and there are others in that category.

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I like to watch:
The Good Wife
Grey's Anatomy
True Blood
Big Brother
Major Crimes
Top Chef
Football (God Bless the West Virginia Mountaineers!!!!)

What am I watching right now? FOOTBALL!

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