Weekend Question Open Thread

Had an awesome burger today, so that's my inspiration! :D

Best Burger ever - where did ya have it (or what brand was it) and what was on it?

And if your vegan, tofu burgers and fake meat burgers count...

And what else is going on with you guys?




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Going on?

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Quiet weekend.  Just staying away from the news and fray.  Ain't nothing to see this weekend worth watching for me... unless you're a football fan, and that's a whole nother story.

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awesome burger, eh? great food, great company?

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Heartstopper sounds like a good burger.  I've been on a quest to find the best burger in Chicago.  There are a crap load of places that claim that title, I'm closing in on the best though.  I went to one place that was so freaking pretentious it nearly ruined the burger.  I mean it was damn tasty burger, but the atmosphere in the place was too thick with skinny young people with fat wallets and fatter heads and fattererer egos.  If there is anything more annoying than a young man in a bar sporting lambchops, drinking imported beer, wearing an Irish cap and scarf and radiating smugness, I've never found it.  The waiter asked if I enjoyed my meal and I said, "Yeah, but I'm not smart enough to eat here."  My next burger destination is much more proletariat.  Say, that's a pretty good name for a bar.  When I retire I'm going to open The Proletariat Bar, home of burgers and DOMESTIC beers! 

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Red Robin

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has pretty damn good burgers.  A couple of decades ago I ate at one of the original Red Robin's, overlooking Lake Union in Seattle. I think.  It was a long time ago.  I might be visiting my son in Seattle in April, so maybe I will try to discover if it exists, or I have my facts wrong.

Oh, and I am quite partial to sweet potato fries.

TGI Friday's is pretty good, too.

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