An Issue Ignored: I'm Asking For Your Vote to Help Get $ Out of Politics

Like other issues, the issue of money in politics is what will speak to what is or is not done in the next Congress more than the Presidential election of 2012. Unfortunately we didn't hear about that in any of the debates thus far and it is the most important issue, because it spans to all issues and speaks to what hope legislation has of affecting the lives of real people.

Because of the daunting nature of this problem given how little money in relation to corporations real people have, it can feel rather hopeless. However, there are times when the creativity of certain individuals can make a difference as it has in the past.(PDF) That is where I am trying to make a difference using whatever talents I have because I have no money and very little voice or say in our real political process which is real pernicious hence the issue at hand.

The good people at GOOD Maker have set up a design contest to call attention to this dire and most important issue.

art > MONEY: Design to Define a Movement

You can vote for my piece here featured below, and if you like all my contributions in both writing and artwork over the years I ask that you please do because the competition is fierce and there are a lot of good pieces. You can vote using facebook which is probably the easiest way(don't worry, I won't know anything about your personal info and neither will anyone else) but if you don't want to use facebook to vote, you can sign up to Good Maker which is probably a good idea because this organization uses creativity as an outlet for good things which made me want to get involved in this contest to hopefully do some good.

Money in politics defeated qualitative health care reform. Money in politics defeated the Brown Kaufman amendment and the stronger Volcker rule during the Dodd Frank proceedings leaving many of the rules undefined as well as a real bank rescue instead of handing the same banks that caused the crash, trillions. Behind every sellout of every politician and behind every good politician's(Senator Sherrod Brown for Instance) inability to do anything about it, there is also big money.

Even Democratic Senator Dick Durbin has admitted in the recent past that the banks own our legislative branch as a whole. So those are just a few of the multitude of reasons why attention to the general issue of money in politics regarding Citizens United, Buckley vs Valeo and the most important issue corporate person-hood undecided but decided anyway(because of a suspicious clerk on the inside with a corporate conflict of interest) in Santa Clara County Vs. Southern Pacific Railroad which is the most pernicious.

I covered this in this diary which shows the daunting measure of this problem here:

What to Do When Liberal SCOTUS Justices Think Corporations are People Too

Voting like all transactions with regard to creating and moving capital/money is now electronic since money is not dropped out of helicopters nor ballots anymore, but this metaphor was strong, I thought, because most of our money supply goes to the coffers of the big banks, oil companies, and other corporations who make the biggest investment that always pays off which is buying the government they want and a population convinced to vote against their interests. So the printed dollars into printed ballots was a metaphor that perhaps more people now understand since more people are at least aware that the Federal Reserve prints money.

Because of corporate person-hood which is illegitimate and recorded illegitimately in Santa Clara County vs Southern Pacific Railroad the money supply in our economy and it's velocity will run towards buying all Senators and Congressman that pretend to write our laws. Overturning Citizens United via Super PACS and 501(c)4s(no disclosure at all) is just a small step to mitigate this damage like the EFCA would have been(also defeated by big money) with regard to Taft Hartley and right to work laws but an important one.

Anyway, spreading awareness of this issue by participating in this voting process so the real voting process is hopefully some time soon more worthwhile is a worthy endeavor in my view. I hope you agree with me and thank you.




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I voted for the best choice, which was YOUR artwork

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How many votes do you have now? I voted the day you posted the link on FB. I'm going to be exceedingly miffed if the VOTS community does not turn out enmass to support you. Your work is wonderful and captures perfectly the power of money in our electoral system. If you have not voted for Priceman I urge you to support his work. Follow the link and just compare his work with that of the other choices and I think it will be obvious that not only are we supporting our friend, we are supporting the BEST art in the contest. VOTE FOR PRICEMAN!

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Thank you, Sartoris!

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I truly appreciate that. It won't let me how many votes there are, just my ranking. 29 out of 125 is not bad, but I would like to win so I am giving it the ol college try. There are a few that are good and good competition, but I am kind of baffled at some of the picks, but different things appeal to different people I guess.

That means a lot, Sartoris. Thank you. I'm glad you like it.

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very impressive

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put it on a T-Shirt and I'd buy one for Christmas. Seriously, it's that good. If you can get it on a T-Shirt I'd buy one from you. Might be a way for you to raise a little coin for the holidays.

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