Transgender medical crises


Not every transgender person seeks a medical transition. Surgery is financially unreachable for many. It can be medically contraindicated for some. And some just do not desire it or find it to be necessary to living a fulfilling life.

But those who do seek a surgical transition encounter a major problem.



 lists fewer than 30 physicians who offer sexual reassignment surgery, mostly located on the coasts.

While a few more surgeons might not have been listed, that number is probably in the ballpark, according to medical professionals who told America Tonight that people who are transgender are dangerously underserved by the medical system, especially when it comes to surgical specialties.

I remember getting a phone call in my office on day from the chief of surgery, who was screaming at me on the other end of the line, saying – and I’ll never forget this – he said, ‘Don’t you even think about bringing those freaks into my hospital!’ So, that’s what I was dealing with when I started this.

--Dr. John Taylor, Red Bank, New Jersey



Trans woman raped by corrections officer at Rikers, files federal lawsuit

A transgender woman, identified only as M.T., who is a former inmate at Rikers Island has filed suit in Manhattan Federal Court claiming she was sexually assaulted repeatedly by a corrections officer at the Robert N. Davoren Complex after having been harassed for months by the officer.

M. T. claims she was raped by Officer L. Galan on Dec. 2, 2012.

Galan stated that Plaintiff ‘could do this the easy way or the hard way,’ Plaintiff did not feel that (she) could walk away or call out for help.

--the lawsuit



Straightening out the timeline (so to speak)

Another name has been added to the list of transgender women of color either murdered this year or found dead.

Keisha Blige of Montgomery, IL, was shot while driving a car with a friend in Aurora in March. Blige attempted to drive herself to the hospital but lost control and crashed into a Jeep. Paramedics transported her to a hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

The Chicago Tribune misgendered Blige, as has happened by the media in all of the cases this year, as well as using her dead name. Police said the shooting was not considered to be random, but declared that it "definitely was not a hate crime."

In a later story the Tribune identified Blige as transgender and taking hormones, but still used male pronouns.

Now Keyshia's friend Sasha Love has reported to the Guardian that Blige identified as transgender and used female pronouns.

She was the happiest I had ever seen her once she started transitioning.




Document on transgender service leaked

USA Today obtained a memo circulated at last Wednesday's transgender service working group meeting and shared it yesterday.

The document included a timeline for repeal as well as major points to be discussed.

The memo, circulated last week among top personnel and medical officials, lays out the road map for ending the policy and highlights some of the potential issues, including a pilot program that would provide leaves of absences for transgender troops being treated with hormones or having surgery.

The timeline identifies May 27, 2016 as the day transgender Americans will be allowed to serve openly.

Leaders of the Army and Air Force acknowledge that they each have at least 20 transgender troops currently serving openly, according to an anonymous source. Although the current policy would ban such service, there is currently a de facto moratorium on dismissals of troops based on their gender status.

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter ordered a six-month review of the issues surrounding transgender service with the assumption that transgender troops can serve openly "objective, practical impediments are identified."

The memo details a list of issues surrounding the open service of transgender troops, including medical treatment, housing, uniforms and physical fitness standards.



Pemberton just defending his honor

Pfc. Joseph Scott Pemberton testified yesterday in his trial for the murder of Fillipina transgender woman Jennifer Laude.

Reporters have not been allowed in the court room, so all information about the proceedings has come from news conferences held by the various lawyers.

Pemberton testified yesterday that his sister is a lesbian, so he is not a if his sister being lesbian automatically implies he could not be transphobic.

Then he proceeded to prove that statement to be in error.

Pemberton testified that he had gotten drunk while on furlough in Olongapo City and had been deceived by transgender sex workers Barbie Gelviro and Jennifer Laude.




The pain and confusion misgendering causes

Jasmine Collins was a 33-year-old transgender woman living in an Area of Kansas City known as the Bottoms. If you can call it living...

Jasmine did survival sex work as an occupation.

She was just the typical girl out here,” said Kris Wade, co-founder and executive director of the Justice Project, which works with 29 women engaged in so-called “survival sex work”, a majority of whom are transgender or sex-trafficked into Kansas City.

On June 23 some of the girls began texting Wade, asking if Jasmine had been killed behind the Fast Stop gasoline station.

Knowing that the Fast Stop gas station on Independence Avenue was notorious as a place where any cop could “always find a body”, Wade said she called the Kansas City police homicide division for answers.

Did you guys find a transgender woman dead body behind the Fast Stop? And they’re like, ‘No, we haven’t had any bodies behind the Fast Stop’.




One Million Moms bullies 14-year-old trans girl

American Family Association's One Million Moms, all 75000 of them, have chosen to select 14-year-old Jazz Jennings as the latest target for their hate, with an email and essay entitled God doesn't make mistakes (but humans do).

"I Am Jazz," is about a young teenager who was born a boy and has transitioned to a girl since the age of two years old. The parents supported this decision instead of giving guidance to the confused child.

The show is attempting to normalize the transgender lifestyle and make it appear OK while using a young cast member to lure a young audience. This docu-series is about the real life of a young person and that will attract young viewers to watch.

Obviously, TLC is attempting to desensitize America's youth by airing programs starring teens. This alone will entice kids to watch.



The Breakfast Club (Little Birdie)

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Work begins to ban the ban

The people reviewing the Pentagon's ban on transgender military personnel began meeting on Wednesday.

The working group includes civilians and military personnel representing the Army, AirForce, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard, the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Staff according to Pentagon spokesman Matthew Allen. They will be led by Acting Undersecretary of Defense for personnel and readiness Brad Carson. The group is expected to submit recommendations and findings by January to Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work.

The committee of about 25 senior personnel officials from each service met Wednesday to discuss issues affecting the estimated 12,800 transgender troops who serve in silence because their condition disqualifies them under Pentagon medical regulations. Last month, Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced that the ban would be reviewed with the assumption that transgender troops would be able to serve openly in six months.




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