Cognitive Dissonance

Ashley Del Valle, 38, decided to take a vacation from her home in Queens, New York to sunny Savannah, GA.

Apparently that was her first mistake.

Del Valle has been living as a woman for 20 year and had her name legally changed in 2002. She and her cousin decided a trip to Savannah would be fun. They were wrong.

On Saturday Night, April 6, Ashley chose a sheer blouse to wear on their nightlife adventure for that day. Mistake number two.

Del Valle, who appeared on an episode of TLC's "NY Ink," said she and her cousin were club hopping and hit popular gay club Club One as well as other clubs before stopping in Ellis Square to decide where to go to eat.

She said many people recognized her from the TV show and she was posing for pictures with tourists.

--GA Voice

Early that morning (about 1am) she was arrested for indecent exposure by a Savannah Chatham Metro Police officer. The police report claims that her breasts were exposed. She disputed the arrest, which earned her a second charge of disorderly conduct.

She was then taken to the jail, where a she was examined by a nurse, who discovered she was still "technically male." So she was placed in a holding cell in the men's portion of the jail. For two days she was referred to as "a thing" and otherwise harassed.

I felt like I just wasn't being treated like a human being.

--Del Valle



Hellraisers Journal: Holding Guatemala in my heart today.

You..ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age. Put on your fighting clothes.
-Mother Jones

Sunday April 19, 1903
From Montgomery, West Virginia - Letter* from Mother Jones to Henry Demarest Lloyd

My dear Mr. Lloyed
...The thank you Judge [J.J. Jackson] is not correct. I did not thank him. he told me not to violate his Injunction. I told him I would not violate the Law. I was going out to continue the work for which I was arrested. If that violated his Injunction I feared it would be violated. he Said I ought to join some Charity Organization. I told him If I had my way I would tear down every Charity Institution in the country to day build on their ruins the Temple of Justice. My plea was for Justice not Charity...
Mother Jones

*As written without correction, except punctuation, as needed for clarity.

The Correspondence of Mother Jones
-ed by Edward M Steel
U of Pittsburgh Press, 1985

Saturday April 19, 1913
Paterson, New Jersey - The Funeral of Modestino Valentino

A mass funeral was held today in Paterson for Modestino Valentino. Mr. Valentino was killed by a stray bullet on Thursday when police and the private detectives, hired by the mill owners, fired into a group of unarmed strikers who were hooting at the scab-herders. Twenty thousand strikers attended the funeral. They passed silently by his casket, each one dropping a red carnation.




Hellraisers Journal: Journalist Jack Reed Arrested in Paterson

Saturday April 18, 1903
West Virginia - Judge John J Jackson's Injunction Greatly Assists Coal Company

In the Fairmont field, the Injunction issued by federal circuit court judge, John J Jackson, has been very useful to the Fairmont Coal Company. This was a sweeping injunction based on the grounds that the union threatened out-of-state investors' money. The injunction prohibits any organizing for the strike, including all demonstrations within sight of the mines, even on land leased by the union. Pro-union speeches are prohibited as is picketing. Judge Jackson has ruled that all such union activity interferes with the rights of non-union miners to work.

After her interaction with Judge Jackson in his court last summer, Mother Jones commented: "I have been served with injunctions in quantities sufficient to form a shroud for me when I am cold in death."




Boston: The Unraveling and a Plea for the Healing of Our Society

I find it hard to write about anything after this happened. Boston is a great city I had the pleasure to visit in a field trip in 2006 while I was in school. There was so much life in that city and there still is despite this attack. It's still affected me even though I don't live there because of that fond memory. Senseless acts of violence like this shouldn't happen. It's hard enough just to get by.

I feel a sense of panic and uneasiness as if the fabric of society is breaking and it is; all the record inequality fueling human breakdown; the wars; the bombing of other countries fueling human breakdown. Human breakdown is caused by those that show indifference to their state of being thus breaking down barriers of sanity that keeps one non violent and functioning. Nothing excuses these actions whatsoever and I don't care about the reasoning of whoever did this; it’s despicable and abhorrent act of violence that killed a child and 2 other human beings and more than 170 were injured many permanently disabled.

That being said, we can try to change the society that breeds these types of people and actions instead of enabling the void. That's what protects people from terrorism and acts of violence in the aggregate. It may have been impossible to stop this incident, and not all can be prevented. However, given the overall breakdown of society and the marginal extremes that causes within the minds of the population, I have to think every one of our problems contributed to it. Every few months there is either a shooting or something like this. That's why I talk of the unraveling of society.



Hellraisers Journal: Rep Keith Ellison is a national treasure.

You..ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age. Put on your fighting clothes.
-Mother Jones

Friday April 17, 1903
West Virginia - Miners and Their Families Endure Hardship During the Long Strike

Strikers and Their Families
Living in Tents

The strikers have carried on through the winter and into the spring. Mother Jones described the conditions one bitter cold winter morning in the tent colony:

The wind blows cold this morning, but these cruel coal barons do not feel the winter blast; their babes, nay even their poodle dogs are warm and have a comfortable breakfast, while these slaves of the caves, who in the past have moved the commerce of the world, are out on the highways without clothes or shelter. Nearly 3,000 families have been thrown out of the corporation shacks to face the cold blasts of winter weather.

When the story of this strike in West Virginia is told, let us remember those who died of exposure in the tents as well as the martyrs of Stanaford.




Chronic Tonic at VOTS- Slushies

I have nothing big to share this week. Just one happy story. I spent a little bit of money that I probably shouldn't have to buy a 30 dollar slushie/snowcone maker and I bought a few syrups. I made sure I got the syrups that were made with pure cane sugar, too, because they taste better.

Well, the machine arrived last Thursday and me and my boys have been enjoying a different flavored slushie every night. I do not know what it is about the slushie that makes my boys almost dance in anticipation as I crush the ice, but even seeing that one time was well worth the money.




Gender Prison: Lives will be saved

California's Department of Managed Healh Care (DMHC) issued guidelines last Tuesday to implement the state's Insurance Discrimination Act of 2006 with regards to transgender people.

Funny thing: the state is insisting that INDA 2006 applies to us as well as other people.

This is an important step in protecting the health of all Californians, including transgender individuals. No Californian should be denied care and treatment because of their gender identity or expression. Implementation of California’s Insurance Gender Non-Discrimination Act (IGNA) is a simple matter of fairness and equality in health care.

--California Assembly Speaker John Pérez

The guidelines can be simply stated:

If an insurance company authorizes a treatment for non-transgender individuals, it needs to extend that same doctor-perscribed treatment to the trans community.




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