Transgender Day of Celebration: Unlikely Sources


A dinner and community gathering to share in each other's company, meet new trans*-identified friends and give thanks for the love and support of our community. We will also be having a clothing exchange, so bring your pre-transition clothes that've been wasting away in the closet! 



Transgender Day of Celebration is an opportunity for trans people and all who love them to come together and celebrate. We celebrate our own trans lives, and we celebrate the trans people whose lives have touched ours.

--Jamez Terry, MCC Boston

I've added some stories from unusual sources to help establish the mood.



Speaking for The Dead: Transgender Day of Remembrance

At some instant
one day
the words will cease to flow
their creator (or vessel)
having passed through
the Door
between herenow
and therethen

The words left behind
the ideas they expressed
the actions they instigated
will be all
that remains
to weigh the meaning
of this particular existence

Regret is extinguished
if the words
have expressed
concern and care
and a life lived well

--Robyn Serven
--September 21, 2007

Live fast, die young and leave a good-looking corpse!

--John Derek, Knock on Any Door (1949)

The quote is often erroneously attributed to James Dean.

Some of the murder victims whose stories are told after the break may have tried to live with that philosophy, but the violence visited upon them almost assuredly negated the last part. Being set on fire, run over by a car, shot in the face, or stoned to death usually preclude a "good looking corpse."

A few comments of note: In Brazil, where most of the murders took place, those who would probably be regarded as transgender women here are referred to as travesti (transvestites) and so male pronouns are most often used. I tried to correct that as much as possible. It is also the case that the Police in Brazil are whole-heartedly in favor of blaming the victim, so revenge, drug involvement, "working the program" (prostituting), revenge, or "reckoning" are almost always given as the suspected motives. Gay men in drag, on the other hand, are usually thought to be victims of homophobia. Finally, an autopsy of a transgender woman in Brazil is usually called a necropsy...a word which we reserve for non-sentient animals.

All of those comments may shed light on why there are so many murders in Brazil (77 out of the 121). The United States is second, with 10, (but we try harder...I'm sure we can catch up). Mexico is third with 9.

That works out to one murder of a transgender person about every 74 hours and 27 minutes.

For what it is worth, five of the victims and one of the killers had the last name of da Silva. Ages of the victims ran from 8-year-old Alex Madeiros to 52-year-old Betty Skinner. One of the victims was 16, while 5 were 18 and two were 19.

The list I have generated was collated from several sources, including the Transgender Violence Portal and Memorializing 2014 at the International Transgender Day of Remembrance site.



Remembering the Neglected and Harassed

The focus of Transgender Awareness Week has been Transgender Day of Remembrance, which I will attempt to properly observe tomorrow (I expect to begin in the morning, but I live on the West Coast now).

 photo S1O_SmithGwendolyn-web_zps31e2ac9d.jpg photo rita-hester_zps094f3e6e.jpgStarted by Gwen Ann Smith in 1999 with a candlelight vigil to remember the still unsolved murder of transgender woman Rita Hester on November 28, 1998, TDoR is intended to memorialize those who were killed due to transgender hatred or prejudice, but it has tended to include all transgendered people who have been murdered for whatever reason. During the past year there have been 74 transgendered people murdered, whose stories I shall attempt to share tomorrow.

But each one of the murdered listed on TDoR was killed by the direct action of one or more protagonists. We tend to forget those who have died from institutionalize neglect or harassment.




Gender Prison: The battle for equality

The battle for equality

transgender, discrimination, equal rights, equal access, Miami-Dade, Florida, Cleveland, Ohio

In times of trouble federally and at the state level, the battle for equal treatment and access moves to the local level.

In recent times I have written about current attempts to move us forward in South Florida and Northeast Ohio.

Miami-Dade commissioners unanimous in support of transgender protections (preliminary vote)

Transgender Awareness




Gender Prison: The Religious Danger that is transgender

 photo Religion-300x185_zps68a8d43b.jpgThe November 7 Malaysian high court decision that declared that Negeri Sembialn state religious officials violated the rights of three Malaysian transgender women's eight to dress as woman on is undergoing more analysis as lawyers and religiosophers continue their battle.

The Court of Appeal which decided that Muslim transgender males have the right to cross-dress said the Negri Sembilan religious authorities had failed to prove Islam's position on how those who suffered from gender identity disorder (GID) should dress

--The Malaysian Insider

The Court of Appeal has affirmed that the Negri Sembilan religious enactment violates Articles 5, 8, 9 and 10 of the Federal Constitution on the right to life and liberty, equality, freedom of movement and freedom of expression

This decision affirms the constitution’s position as the supreme law of the land.

-- Center for Independent Journalism directors, Sonia Randhawa and Jac Kee



Transgender Awareness

 photo TGAW-2014-header-640x283_zps64a34588.png photo TDORwebsitesmall_zps9f7eae10.png









It's Transgender Awareness time. In some locations it's the entire month of November. Some locales are celebrating for a week...generally around November 10-20...ending with Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 20 and/or Transgender Day of Celebration on November 21.

So I guess it is my job to help make you aware. :-)

I've got some videos from the I Am project and some news bits which I hope fit that agenda.


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