Gender Prison: "I have never met a transgender detainee who hasn't experienced some kind of sexual harassment"

Horace commented on last evening's diary Transgender in the Hoosegow expressing concern about the treatment of transwomen in detention by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement).

“There are many violations of human rights. One of them is that inmates in solitary confinement are forced to take tranquilizers in order to keep them calm.”

The counselor said that during the first trimester of this year, at least 10 transsexuals – all of them Latina – were pressured into signing documents for voluntary deportation.

ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) did not respond to requests for comment on the situation of transgender inmates.

--Transgender Immigrants Detail Detention Abuse, Voices of NY

ICE probably doesn't comment on transgender inmates because ICE officials consider us to be less than human. I could be wrong about that, but they would have to convince me.




Favorite Songs: It's Freaking Cold! Edition

Also available in Orange...

Well hellooooo there everyone! It's Tuesday night, so you know it - it's that time again! Time to leave the bad news and politics behind and instead jam to some of our favorite songs!

Well, it's freaking cold down here on the bayou, so it's the perfect time for our annual It's Cold edition.


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