Book review: Does Capitalism Have A Future?

Book review: Wallerstein, Immanuel et al. Does Capitalism Have A Future? Oxford: Oxford UP, 2013.

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This book is a "response" anthology, with the lead author being Immanuel Wallerstein, prominent world-systems theorist, laying out his hypothesis for postcapitalism. Even though I am sympathetic to Wallerstein's hypothesis, I find its logic a bit brief. Wallerstein argues that a number of trends in present-day world-society will converge and produce a transition to a postcapitalist world-society, and that what is going on now is the struggle to define what the world after capitalism will be like.



The thicket of excuses

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Eventually the human race will realize that its subordination to the capitalist system is destroying life on the planet. At that point, it will walk away from capitalism, and toward a multiplicity of small-scale, decentralized economic systems based on trust and friendship.


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