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Turkey Table Data

Just in time for Thanksgiving the University of Delaware's Center for Political Communication has released a new study to support your holiday table debates.

The National survey on rights, protections for transgender people has found that 71% of people favor protection of transgender individuals in schools and 70% favor such protections in the workplace. Sixty-two percent of the public supports allowing transgender people to serve openly in the military.



Once upon a time



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You may not be familiar with Greg McGoon. Personally, I'd never heard of him until yesterday. I'm told he's an actor and a children's author.

IMDB tells me he has appeared in Pulp Art with Ed, Waiting Room, and No Way Out. I've actually heard of the last of those.

As an author, he's been known (but not by me) for Out of the Box.

When Devin finds an empty box in his new house, his imagination immediately takes off running...but his friends can't seem to see the magic in Devin's cardboard box. Undeterred, Devin continues to play out wondrous adventures and journeys--all stemming from the seemingly empty box. Out of the Box is a heartwarming story of the power of one boy's imagination and the limitless places our creativity can take us. Join Devin on his exciting adventures!

For a second book, he wanted to write about self worth and transformation.




For Veterans Day: I Fought for Your Right to Hate Me



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Carla Lewis is a transgender woman from Antioch Tennessee. She was discharged from the Air Force in 2010 for being gender dysphoric.

The 44-year-old's Facebook selfie from Friday has gone viral, with 11,000 likes and 14,000 shares.



I fought for your right to hate me.


The sentiment seems perfect for this Veterans Day.



We come to suck God from your brain

Put a microphone in front of a conservative talk show host and an adjunct professor of statistics from Cornell who also claims to study the philosophy of science...while seeming to specialize is climate denial...and you shouldn't expect anything good to happen.

So Joe Miller had a guest named William Briggs. The subject du jour was recent research by psychologists at UCLA and the University of York that indicates that both religious belief and nativism can be reduced by directing magnetic energy into the brain.

The researchers targeted the posterior medial frontal cortex, a part of the brain located near the surface and roughly a few inches up from the forehead that is associated with detecting problems and triggering responses that address them.

In the study, half of the participants received a low-level “sham” procedure that did not affect their brains, and half received enough energy to lower activity in the target brain area. Next, all of the participants were first asked to think about death, and then were asked questions about their religious beliefs and their feelings about immigrants.



Sometimes people just suck

 photo reported that trans girl Jae Irizarry was crowned homecoming queen last Saturday at Trenton Central High School.

I wanted to make a difference, to show not only the city and world that it's 2015 and things are changing and progressing. I am so happy that I won, it's been amazing.

Jae credited the friends and teachers who convinced her to run and a supportive school community.

They're making my dreams come true.

But there were some who doubted the outcome could happen legitimately ot that it shold have been allowed to happen.

Penny Rae, writing for the Trentonian on Sunday reported that "sources with intimate knowledge of activities at the school say the vote was a fraud."

Penny wrote that an anonymous source who feared retribution said the teacher in charge of the voting process "failed to properly oversee the votes, which allowed students to stuff the ballot box as an alleged practical joke."

Then Penny wrote

But other sources say the teacher was involved in stuffing the ballot box and did so because she wanted to “make history.”

Because, you know, how else could the tranny have won?



Where we stand

Vanessa Baird, co-editor of the New Internationalist. has created a video intended to promote that magazine's October issue. I decided to bogart it for my own purposes, because the video provides a fairly good summary of where the transgender community stands at this particular time.






Marking the Day

 photo hannaharmy_zps70mdnsju.jpgIt's National Coming Out Day...not just here but also in the UK.

In order to mark the day there Captain Hannah Winterbourne, Britain's most senior transgender army officer has spoken out, primarily speaking about the importance, at least in her life, of participation in sports.



Location, Location, Location

Back when I lived in Arkansas (1984-2000), I would frequently be told, upon seeing outrageous behavior on the part of one of that state's citizens, "You've got to remember, This is Arkansas." As if that simple statement implied that Arkansans were not subject to the laws of the United States or the societal expectation of Planet Earth.

It frustrated me no end.

It got so I would say

Arkansas is a really beautiful place to live, except for the people who live there.

I imagine people in other places may have similar stories...or perhaps, ones that are in total opposition.

The news spins:




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