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Illinois Transwoman Refused Medical Care Because Religion

Naya Taylor found out that her primary care physician, Aja Lystila, considered her to be less than human. When Taylor requested the start of hormone therapy in order to treat her gender dysphoria, Lystilla first claimed that she was not experienced enough to supervise the hormone therapy of transgender person. But the clinic in which Lystilla works provides hormone therapy to non-transgender patients every day.

Later the truth of the matter came out, when clinic staff told Taylor,

We don’t have to treat people like you.

When they said, ‘we don’t have to treat people like you,’ I felt like the smallest, most insignificant person in the world. The doctor and office provide hormone replacement therapy for others at the same clinic, they just refused to do that for me.

—Naya Taylor

The Affordable Care Act is partially a civil rights law in that it prohibits health care providers that receive federal funds from discriminating against any individual on the basis of sex for the purpose of health care.

Taylor is being represented by Lambda Legal in a lawsuit filed on Tuesday charging Dr. Lystila and the Carle health care services group which operates the clinic with denying medical care. Lambda Legal claims that discrimination based on sex extends to discrimination based on gender identity or failure to conform to stereotypical notions of masculinity or femininity, as per Title IX.



New study calls for improved medical care for transgender patients

Daphna Stroumsa, an obstetrics and gynecology resident at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, has published research on medical discrimination against transgender people whichis available in the American Journal of Public Health: The State of Transgender Health Care: Policy, Law and Medical Frameworks. Access to the full document requires APHA membership or paid subscription, which I do not have.


I review the current status of transgender people’s access to health care in the United States and analyze federal policies regarding health care services for transgender people and the limitations thereof. I suggest a preliminary outline to enhance health care services and recommend the formulation of explicit federal policies regarding the provision of health care services to transgender people in accordance with recently issued medical care guidelines, allocation of research funding, education of health care workers, and implementation of existing nondiscrimination policies. Current policies denying medical coverage for sex reassignment surgery contradict standards of medical care and must be amended.

Dr. Strousma is a graduate of The Hebrew University Haddassah Medical School in Jerusalem, Israel. She calls for the medical establishment to immediately address of the situation.





CDC: 27% of Trans women are HIV+

On December 9, 2013 the Center for Disease Control released a report entitled HIV Among Transgender People.

Two days ago Leela Ginelle, communications and development intern for TransActive Education and Advocacy wrote an Op-Ed at the Advocate: Why the CDC's Latest HIV Report Is So Alarming.

The CDC report says an estimated 27% of transgender women are HIV positive, which is nearly 50 times as high as the rate for other adults. A New York City study found that more than 90% of newly diagnosed transwomen are African-American or Latina, and more than half are in their 20s.

Ginelle asks the question, "Why?"



Connecticut prohibits health insurance discrimination against transgender people

A December 19 bulletin from the State of Connecticut's Insurance Department prohibits health insurers in that state from implementing a blanket policy denying transition-related health care. Insurers will only be able to evaluate medical necessity of any given treatment on case by case bases.

This makes Connecticut the fifth state to require providers to cover treatments related to gender transition, after California, Colorado, Oregon, and Vermont.

[Connecticut] wanted to go out and affirmatively make [the policy] very clear.

As we were turning the corner into the new year, we just wanted to make sure every constituency was clearly heard.

--Deputy Insurance Commissioner Anne Melissa Dowling



The Health Care Problem in the US is a Price Fixing Scam

Passing the racket onto an intermediary and then dumping it on the consumer is part of the scam. Medicare needs full market share so it can bring all the prices down since no one will RICO Act providers, for profit hospitals, and insurance companies passing that cost in addition to 13% extra for administration costs onto you even with the ACA. Forcing you to participate in this scam is what we call Obamacare.



Economic Populist: The Health Care Exchanges & Plan A Health Care Reform

Private health insurance is an entirely unnecessary economic institution, whether a health care system is organized around public, co-operative, sole proprietary, private partnership, corporate not-for-profit or corporate for-profit provision of the health care services themselves. Therefore, the profits associated with private health insurance are a legacy rent extracted by private health insurers, protected by the backward-looking nature of our economic institutions, and the least justifiable of the institutional overheads that we pile on top of the necessary costs of providing health insurance.

The purpose of an economic subsystem is to provide material support to the social system that contains it. We are social animals sharing a common humanity, and making the quality of access to medical care for different members of our society depend upon the size of income flows and wealth balances they can tap into betrays a fundamentally perverse set of priorities. Before our society allocates resources to production of luxuries for a wealthy few, or even the production of luxuries for an adequately well-off many, it should allocate resources to meet the Basic Needs of all.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) quite deliberately attempted to solve as few of the institutional problems as feasible among the many that we in the US face in ensuring access to, provision of, and quality of our basic need of medical care, while still hoping to possibly delay or stave off the collapse of our system for financing health care services that was already in progress by 2009.

Therefore, even if the ACA succeeds in staving off that collapse, we are left with a health care system that needs further reform. And if the ACA merely succeeds in delaying that collapse, then that simply increases the urgency and necessity of solving additional institutional problems.

Thus the fundamental issue that the ACA faces. The fundamental issue is not the functioning of the web site for signing up for coverage. It is not the deliberate monkey-wrenching of our already thoroughly corrupted political system as a side-show to try to game the new system for maximum short-term profits (even at the risk of returning system of finance of health to its path of ongoing collapse). It is that even if the ACA "succeeds", it succeeds in such in a reform with such limited ambitions that it inevitably requires much more to be done.




Hellraisers Journal: Western Federation of Miners on strike in Michigan aided by United Mine Workers

You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age. Put on your fighting clothes.
-Mother Jones

Tuesday November 3, 1903
From The Arizona Republican: Victory for 35,000 Striking Miners in Spain


They Got All They Asked But Can Not Organize

Bilboa, Nov. 1-Never in the history of Bilboa has there been a strike of such consequences to the iron workers of Spain as that which terminated to-day. The miners will no longer be compelled to live cooped in barricades provided by the mining companies, and they will no longer be forced to purchase food from the company stores, which has been often declared unfit to eat.

Instead of being paid by the month, they will hereafter be paid every week. They have been refused, however, the right to organize, and it is believed this refusal will lead to trouble in the future.

The strike affected 35,000 men and 10,000 infantry, cavlary and artillerymen were brought here to settle it.

The arrival of Lieut. Gen. Zappino, commander-in-chief of the Basque provinces, was followed by conferences, which resulted in the settlement. It is officially stated that four persons were killed and twenty-one wounded during the strike, but the wounded will exceed this number.




Hellraisers Journal: Coeur D' Alene scabs arrive in Victor, Colorado, on morning train.

You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age. Put on your fighting clothes.
-Mother Jones

Wednesday October 14, 1903
Victor, Colorado -Scabs arrive on morning train from Coeur D' Alene, Idaho

Ed Boyce
First President of the
Western Federation of Miners

Scabs shipped in from Coeur D' Alene arrived on the morning train today, and were met at the station by a large crowd. We feel justified in calling them scabs since, no doubt, word of the strike has reached Coeur D' Alene by this time. These scabs betray the memory of their two brothers who were shot down by mine guards on June 11, 1892 during the strike of that year. No miner from Coeur D' Alene could be so ill informed as not to know that it was that strike which led directly to founding of the Western Federation of Miners.

Over 600 suffered arrest and confinement in the filthy bullpen. Thirteen, including Ed Boyce, former W. F. of M. President, were imprisoned in the Ada County Jail in Boise. It was there that this great industrial union was conceived. The W. F. of M. was founded in Butte, Montana, in May of 1893. Every western miner knows this history. Therefore, we will say it again, these new arrivals are scabs of the worst sort. Traitors plain and simple.

In other news from Denver, Governor Peabody has ordered the reduction of the military force in the Cripple Creek District. There are at present 775 officers and men on duty in the strike zone, and that number will soon be reduced to 500.

Brigadier General Chase has been formally charged and placed under arrest in Denver. His court-martial is pending. The Governor is expected to release the General soon while he awaits the trial. Several others have also been charged and placed under arrest.





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