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Straightening out the timeline (so to speak)

Another name has been added to the list of transgender women of color either murdered this year or found dead.

Keisha Blige of Montgomery, IL, was shot while driving a car with a friend in Aurora in March. Blige attempted to drive herself to the hospital but lost control and crashed into a Jeep. Paramedics transported her to a hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

The Chicago Tribune misgendered Blige, as has happened by the media in all of the cases this year, as well as using her dead name. Police said the shooting was not considered to be random, but declared that it "definitely was not a hate crime."

In a later story the Tribune identified Blige as transgender and taking hormones, but still used male pronouns.

Now Keyshia's friend Sasha Love has reported to the Guardian that Blige identified as transgender and used female pronouns.

She was the happiest I had ever seen her once she started transitioning.




The pain and confusion misgendering causes

Jasmine Collins was a 33-year-old transgender woman living in an Area of Kansas City known as the Bottoms. If you can call it living...

Jasmine did survival sex work as an occupation.

She was just the typical girl out here,” said Kris Wade, co-founder and executive director of the Justice Project, which works with 29 women engaged in so-called “survival sex work”, a majority of whom are transgender or sex-trafficked into Kansas City.

On June 23 some of the girls began texting Wade, asking if Jasmine had been killed behind the Fast Stop gasoline station.

Knowing that the Fast Stop gas station on Independence Avenue was notorious as a place where any cop could “always find a body”, Wade said she called the Kansas City police homicide division for answers.

Did you guys find a transgender woman dead body behind the Fast Stop? And they’re like, ‘No, we haven’t had any bodies behind the Fast Stop’.




One Million Moms bullies 14-year-old trans girl

American Family Association's One Million Moms, all 75000 of them, have chosen to select 14-year-old Jazz Jennings as the latest target for their hate, with an email and essay entitled God doesn't make mistakes (but humans do).

"I Am Jazz," is about a young teenager who was born a boy and has transitioned to a girl since the age of two years old. The parents supported this decision instead of giving guidance to the confused child.

The show is attempting to normalize the transgender lifestyle and make it appear OK while using a young cast member to lure a young audience. This docu-series is about the real life of a young person and that will attract young viewers to watch.

Obviously, TLC is attempting to desensitize America's youth by airing programs starring teens. This alone will entice kids to watch.



Out of hand


Let's look at the last four weeks.

July 21: India Clarke, beaten to death in Tampa Bay.

July 23: KC Haggard, stabbed in the neck in Fresno.

August 8: Amber Monroe, shot twice in Detroit.

August : Body of Shade Schuler found July 29, identified August 11

August 11: Kandis Capri, shot four times in Phoenix

August 13: Body of Elisha Walker, missing since last November found in shallow grave.

August 13: Ashton O'Hara, whose beaten body was found July 14, identified as non-binary transgender

August 17: Tamara Dominguez




And one

It just is not ending.

Kandis Capri was 35. Her mother acknowledges that Kandis was transgender, but uses male pronouns and identifiers and her birth name anyway. Therefore, out of respect for Kandis I shall do some editing of her mother's account.

The only thing I know for sure is that she was murdered. Kandis was shot and I don’t know all the circumstances.

Kandis was at a lady’s apartment who she had been staying with for a couple weeks. And the only thing I know is that the car she had rented had been towed or something, or suspected of being towed away, so she left the apartment and was shot.

--Andria Gaines

One source has stated that Kandis was attempting to intervene in a domestic dispute.



Plus for last year and one for this

Back at the end of last November I wrote a diary, There's your problem right there, about a missing transgender woman in North Carolina.

Elisha Walker of Rowan County went missing on October 23 and that was reported to police on November 11. On November 23 Walker's silver 2000 Pontiac Sunfire was found in Sampson County. It had been intentionally set afire.

Earlier this month Angel Arias, a member of the Latin Kings gang was detained in Johnston County Jail on drug charges unrelated to Walker's disappearance when apparently something he said led authorities to suspect he was involved in the Walker case. A house in Johnston County was identified as a possible location of Walker's body.

Investigators from multiple agencies searched the Johnston County house on Thursday. The search began at 7:30 p.m., according to a news release. During the search, investigators found a small depression in woods behind the house.

The depression was excavated and human remains were found which were later identified as Walker.



13. Ms. Shade

 photo Schuler_zpsz1hbry0x.jpgA body which had been dumped in a field and discovered by Dallas police on July 29 has been identified as a transgender woman of color, Shade Shuler, 22. The delay in identification was due to the badly decomposed nature of the body, according to police.

The victim was a wearing a blue and white cotton tube top with straps, blue shorts, and black Nike flip flops. The victim was also wearing a black wig and sunglasses. The victim had false fingernails with what appeared to be diamond studs on them with pink tips. The department has not been able to identify the victim and are asking if anyone recognizes the above tattoos that the victim had.

Several of us spent time verifying she was trans and trying to learn more this afternoon and evening. Her name was Ms. Shade, and she was only 22 years old. … Our hearts and thoughts are with her family and friends who now must confront this unfortunate taking of life. May we find space in our hearts to celebrate her time with us and the lives she touched. May we find inspiration in this loss to work together, trans and cis alike, to end the violence that has taken so many of our trans siblings from us far too soon.

--Nell Gaither, Trans Pride Initiative

It was determined that the deceased was shot twice, so the case has been classified as a murder...the thirteenth murder of a transgender woman of color in the U.S. this year, eclipsing the total number of transgender people murdered all last year.



Christie makes pitch for the transphobic vote

NJ Governor and clown car rider Chris Christie on Monday made his pitch to the transphobic voters. Christie vetoed S1195, a bill which would have allowed a person's licensed health care provider to certify that the person had undergone clinically appropriate treatment for gender transition based upon contemporary medical standards, or that they had an intersex condition, in order to change the gender designation on their birth certificate.

Currently, a birth certificate can only be changed if someone has specifically undergone sex reassignment surgery.

This is the second consecutive year in which Christie has vetoed such a bill.

I remain committed to the principle that efforts to significantly alter State law concerning the issuance of vital records that have the potential to create legal uncertainties should be closely scrutinized and sparingly approved.


Christie's veto included a request that the Legislature address his concerns about "fraud, deception and abuse."



Country Roads

When I try for a mental picture Appalachia, what I normally come up with is West Virginia. As a transperson, that is not normally what I would call heaven. Not even "almost heaven."

 photo Skinner_zpsvyvgkq8o.jpgBut such places can surprise. Last year Trudy Kitzmiller and Kristen Skinner were treated badly at the DMV. You don't have to be transgender to get that...but being transgender at any DMV can be a special kind of Hell.

(A manager) told me it was a DMV policy that people listed as male could not wear makeup. The manager referred to me as 'it' and told me to take off my makeup, wig and fake eyelashes.


She couldn't comply with removing the "wig and fake eyelashes." since they were her own hair. She did remove all her make-up before having her picture taken.

The 45-year-old IT professional called the experience at the Charles Town office in Jefferson County on January 7 "humiliating."

The way I was treated was unprofessional. Isn't the point of a photo identification to identify how you look every day?




Trans women assaulted in public

 photo earls_zpsmnqio6w8.jpgMany of the stories I have tracked recently have been, all in all, on the good news side. But you should not be led to think that life for transgender people has all become a bed of roses. There are still people who do not believe we should be seen anywhere in public.

Warren Earls identifies as a trans woman. She's 59 and is used to being verbally abused. But her recent trip on the DC Circulator bus got out of hand.

I got on the bus and sat down behind the bus driver. A group of kids got on -- about seven of them. The one that I noticed started off saying to the rest of them, ‘Isn't it a shame to be old and gay.’

I told him to go ahead and leave me alone and that's when he started cussing and making threats about what he's going to do on me.


Earls used her phone to record the incident as she rode the 15 minutes from Southeast DC to Anacostia.










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