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I am a development and regional economist presently living and working in Northeast Ohio. I am a progressive populist by inclination, with an interest in the urgent necessity to reconstruct our currently obsolete economy into one that offers the option of being sustainable. I have been talking online since before the World Wide Web had pictures (we did it with listserv email discussion lists back then), and have been blogging on a range of topics since 2007.

I'm a native Buckeye, though I did my graduate study in Tennessee and worked for a decade at the University of Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia, where I was a bike commuter and so became involved in the fight to rescue and revitalize the local rail corridor into the Newcastle NSW Central Business District.

I continue as a bike commuter here in small town Northeast Ohio, where it is far less common than it was in Newcastle, NSW, and retain both my activist and academics interests in transport cycling a1s well as the rail and bus transport infrastructure that complement transport cycling as a complete alternative to private motor vehicle transport.


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