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Fresh out of graduating from a near western Chicago suburban high school in 1979, Futbol Dad moved around the country trying to make a living as a musician. Along the way, he tended bar, managed bars, worked in beef packing, worked in the oil field, did phone and retail sales, worked as a country and rock dj, a bouncer.... while also finding other interesting ways to not pay the bill. Tired of finding eviction notices on his apartment doors and throwing away pizza boxes at 3 am, Futbol Dad joined the National Guard in Kansas, After moving to Colorado, he went all in and joined the regular army. He then spent two years in Germany, about a year with the 24th ID in Desert Storm and finally finished his military career at Ft. Stewart where he attended college courses in his spare time from a Rapid Deployment Force. Futbol Dad currently is ABD on his PhD in Public Policy that focused on Foster Care Policy. He believes that politics start at the community level and is usually found working on one or two community boards. When he's not working on local issues, he can be found on the soccer pitch coaching one of his four children or the local middle school soccer team.


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