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NY brit expat started her adult life by studying philosophy and psychology and switched to economics on the basis that she wanted to study reality. Luckily, she studied in an alternative economics department where she got her MA and PhD. However, she realised that the vast majority of the mainstream of the profession was far more interested in ideological justifications for the capitalist economic system rather than building a coherent understanding and criticism of the system. This has laid the roots for her future research endeavours examining ideological foundations of economic theory and policy and demanding social, economic and political equality from an anti-capitalist perspective.

An American expat living in the UK, she is a life-long political activist working at a number of levels from grass-roots upwards and also blogs on economics, political and moral issues. Xpat loves taking photos especially at demonstrations. She is an avid reader and the proud mummy and slave of 4 neurotic cats.


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