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Priceman is told by those that have read his work that he is like a mixture of populist Jim Hightower and Keynesian Neo Chartalist economist James K. Galbraith. Since they both reside in TX where priceman grew up, this is fitting. There is also a fusion of protest art and Occupy Wall Street underneath a Modern Monetary Theory and Post Keynesian economic mind seeking justice for the control fraud perpetuated by Wall Street. They sold out the 99% and then got bailed out on their dime.

You will find priceman hanging out and bonding with those to the left of his left. They accept him despite any slight differences in the political spectrum. He at least acknowledges the theft of any future for the 99% in this Neoliberal Age of Capitalism. This prism can be seen in a Rubinite administration and a bought and paid for Congress pretending to represent the people in a crumbling nation.

We've got work to do, and it's more important than any election. Speaking this truth loudly on the square is the first step in the hope that the masses will gain some introspection and really care. There must be dissent against the Barons of Finance Capital enslaving the 99%. It must not fade. Dissent is the prescription for the decade and beyond.


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