CIA allegedly overseeing arms into Syria

In a special report carried by UPI titled "CIA allegedly overseeing arms into Syria",
Syrian opposition officials claim the CIA is controlling weapons flow to Syrian insurgents.

"Not one bullet enters Syria without U.S. approval," a Syrian opposition, speaking in Istanbul, told The Australian newspaper.

"The Americans want the (rebellion) to continue but they are not allowing enough supplies in to make the Damascus regime fall."

The article goes on to explain how this supposed "civil war" has evolved into something much larger, which was the intent all along. The road to Tehran is thru Damascus.

"The Syrian civil war, the murkiest and most violent result of the "Arab Spring" uprisings which began last year, is being assisted by covert agents not only from the United States but Britain, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Iran as Syria devolves into a regional struggle for power in Damascus."

If the following is true, one has to wonder why the CIA and associates are seemingly controlling the pace of the insurgency, and how long has this been happening?

"Syrian opposition official told The Australian that while the CIA has blocked shipments of heavy anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons, which Free Syrian Army insurgents maintain are essential in toppling the Assad regime, they have approved supplies of Russian-made AK-47 rifles and 10,000 Russian-made rocket-propelled grenades."




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Special Operations

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I just read this today. There are 60,000 of them now. They can operate clandestinely outside any laws, including most importantly our own. They are mobile and flexible. They and Drone Warriors (civilians in a Langley bunker) are the future of the U.S. military. The following quote is from the article, which was about Petraeus. I got the chills during W.'s presidency from the photo of W and Petraeus in the WH. It looked like a military coup to me. It sparked a diary about civilian control of the military, but few people seemed to be noticing or thought the problem needed attention. Now here he is, in charge of these forces. The CIA is not even supposed to do that. It is completely illegal. They don't care anymore. They can manipulate people to accept whatever they say.

Under Obama, the US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) with its constituent operating forces - Green Berets, Army Rangers, Seal Team Six - have managed to occupy the pinnacle of the US military's prestige.

...the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) forces responsible for hunting al-Qaeda in Iraq. He used tactics that would later be called "collaborative warfare," which uses signal intercepts, human sources, tribal informants, analysis of cell phone traffic and other sources that allow lightning-quick and sometimes concurrent operations on the ground....

Today, Petraeus heads a massive, "secret" policy under President Barack Obama that uses drones, cell phone monitoring and night assaults by US troops to eliminate high-value targets in the war on terror.

Here's the money quote:

Another change in US policy happened more quietly. In September 2009, Gen. Petraeus was in command in Afghanistan when he "ordered a broad expansion of clandestine military activity," including the sending of American Special Operations troops to both friendly and hostile nations in the Middle East, Central Asia and the Horn of Africa, according to a report by Mark Mazzetti in The New York Times on May 24, 2010. Gen. Petraeus brought something like 7,000 Special Operations commandoes from Iraq to Afghanistan, and their targets have grown with their numbers. Worldwide, there is now a special antiterrorism force of about 60,000 strong operating in as many as 120 countries, according to former US intelligence officials.snip

The public may not have a good grasp of SOCOM's activities, but the Obama administration is increasingly relying on its broad and largely secret mandate to counter global "instability." According to Congressional reports, since 2001, SOCOM's ranks have doubled and are funded to grow from 66,100 to 71,100 by 2015. Its budget tripled from 2001 to a 2012 total of $10.5 billion. In a recent article and confirmed in interviews with Truthout, Professor Andrew Bacevich, who teaches international affairs at Boston University, said, "The USSOM assets today go to more places and undertake more missions while enjoying greater freedom of action than ever before," and he added that the tempo of deployments has risen too, including activities that range from reconnaissance and counterterrorism to humanitarian assistance and direct action. Bacevich suggested that perhaps the traditional motto of the Army's Special Forces - "De Oppresso Liber" ("Free the Oppressed") - should be changed to "Coming to a Third World Country Near You."

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It's like McDonald's. I get the runs from both. One has pink slime at the center and the other makes hamburgers.

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