Can You Say That Again Please?

Well we’re finally there.  The moment everyone including Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen have been waiting for.  The moment KISS is finally elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

I’ve now been through an entire four year political cycle in the political blogosphere.   I started in 2007, more than half way through Bush’s second term buoyed by a desire to do something about that bastard and his no good for nothing political party.  There was a brief period from late 2008 to early 2009 where I thought Obama might change things for the better.  It became clear to me early in his tenure that would not be the case.

My second four year political cycle in the political blogosphere will come with Obama as President just like the first.  For selfish reasons, I’m glad.   It will save me time.  I already have a bunch of essays and articles I can brush off, perhaps update, and reissue at corresponding periods during the next four year term.  I could use the time to complete my emergency/survivalist supply list.   

Like this one I wrote in April 2009, about 100 days after Obama took office.  

-----“The contrast we were given is that between Presidents Bush and Obama.   Bush represented a culture of war, torture, loss of civil liberties, economic collapse, and banal behavior.  Obama represents intelligence, calmness, pragmaticism, hope and change. There has never been a greater contrast between American presidents.  The contradiction we were given comes with the path Obama appears to be taking during his Presidency, the same thing only different.”

 I could update that to say, “the same fucking thing”, instead of the same thing only different.

Or like the one I wrote in June 2010:

-----"The choice seems clear.  The citizens of the world can either succumb to the environmental, economic, and human devastation caused by the current world system of oligarchic, fascist, plutocratic and theocratic national governments, or fight back.  

"Global austerity or bust, except for the elite.  If the elite are going to go all global on us, then the people of the world have to go global right back, if we are to have any say.  Ahmed, Jose, Lars, Bob, Mohammed, Malcolm, Pierre, Dikembe, Andre, and Dimitri are all in this together now.  There's strength in numbers and the situation is calling for all hands on deck."

Not sure how to update that but it can't be said enough..

Then there’s that one from November 2010:

-----"Everybody's talking and there's no action.  It's like betting two bucks at the table in Vegas.  No action.  It's all waiting until what's next.  2012.  While the wars rage, people get killed, more people are foreclosed, forced into homelessness and Wall Street bonuses set records.  Man, someone said it first, "Life Ain't Fair".  But whoever it was would have to be impressed at how far that's been taken."

Obvious.  You guessed it, all I have to do is change the year to 2016.  

The one from July 2011 should be easy to use.

-----"What about the wars?  Not just the ones in Afghanistan and Iraq but the ones in Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, and all the proxy wars this country orchestrates.  Obama didn't say a word about that.  Then there’s the Pentagon and the Military Industrial Complex, the heads also part of the .01 Percenters who happen to be the primary beneficiaries of this country’s  global imperial and hegemonic agenda and policies enforced by the massive military, intelligence, and security programs."

I can just update that one to include the new wars.    

For sure I’m not the only one who can take an extra vacation. From August 2011. .

-----"Matt Taibbi who writes for the Rolling Stone posits:

"Is it possible that by "surrendering" at the 11th hour and signing off on a deal that presages deep cuts in spending for the middle class, but avoids tax increases for the rich, Obama is doing exactly what was expected of him?"

Maybe just a little addition at the end, like "fucking A rights man".

Of course this one I can use until I die, from October 2011.  A plea to the Occupy movement.

-----“Ending the Global War on Terror should be on the list of Demands.”

Not much to add to that one.  Saying Please evidently is not going to help.

Look on the bright side.  We already know the deal.  That gives us a head start.  And we'd better take it now because the next election is just around the corner.  They're calling it the "Trillion Dollar Election". 




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Election season never ends, in reality.  The day after tomorrow, political junkies will begin looking at the prospects for the 2014 midterms.  Once thats over, we'll focus with laser precision on the 2016 race.  Then the 2018 midterms, followed by the 2020 horserace.

Funny how the things you wrote during the first Obama term will apply to the second term as well.  Funny, and sad.

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After awhile you see patterns and it's all the same thing.

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Lately we've had earnest discussions about whether it's moral to vote for Obama with many deciding it's not and many deciding it's best to avoid a Romney presidency, choosing the lesser evil route.  But nearly all except the fantasy league players agree that something else has to be done, with many saying the work begins after the election.

Well, we better work fast or everybody's going to be saying the same damn thing again.

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we never actually work on issues.

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Voting machine problems?  That's SO 2004!  


Starting our own PAC?  Too hard.  


Restarting the Progressive Party?  Try the Greens!


...and so on.




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Three words

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Fucking a right

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Told ya man.

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Hills and valleys.  Get knocked down, get back up.

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You know Al

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it's pretty tiresome to have to fight the same battles over and over especially when it's against people that are supposedly on our side. I mean who would have thought that four years in we are not only having the same discussions but witnessing even worse actions taken in our name. I get it that Romney is really scary because who knows what that asshole actually believes but then I wonder the same thing about the other option as well.

I know two things at this point...I am glad you're back and that I have no clue what the future holds. And let's make that three...this place, these people will stomp feet and pound chests and that sir makes me proud.

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