98 to Zip

While the Republican and Democratic Parties play Kabuki for the citizens with the "Fiscal Cliff", pretending division over how to recolonize the North American continent, the Senate voted 98 to Zero to pass National Defense Authorization Act 2013.  

 "The Senate’s defense bill authorized about $525 billion Pentagon spending, $88.5 billion for the war in Afghanistan and $18 billion funding in the Energy Department."

That's $631 billion.  Keep in mind that's only half of the total bill for national defense, intelligence and national security programs which now total at least $1.2 trillion per year. 


Nothing to see here, move along.  The NDAA has passed for fifty one straight years although this is only the second time it's been unanimous.   

It's clear, the United States is a military Empire and the show must go on. The reason for the unanimity is because there is nothing the politicians consider controversial with the bill.  

"The defense bill always enjoys broad bipartisan support, but the unanimous vote highlighted the lack of controversial issues this year that have made the bill sometimes divisive in past years."


Other than the astronomical cost, the continuation of the global military Empire, noncontroversial details include a new round of sanctions against Iran, a permanent ban on ever transferring detainees from Guantanamo Bay, and continued funding for the occupation of Afghanistan.

And the indefinite detention of American citizens without charge policy passed with NDAA 2012 appears to have been swept under the proverbial obfuscation rug.

"Oh, and lest we forget, the Senate version also included the Feinstein Amendment, which nominally was supposed to ban open-ended military detention of American citizens captured on American soil, but was so awkwardly worded and filled with loopholes that proponents of the detention voted for it because they believe it will make it even easier for the military to capture Americans under the new law.


The fiscal cliff was never going to happen because it included future reductions in defense spending.  

I'm always reading about how divided our political system is, how the two major parties cannot work together.

This is proof that they can, and when it appears they aren't, they really are.   








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Oh, and check this out. Not sure who the six were, but

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the imperialists are getting closer to the final chapter with Syria, which was expected to happen after the election.  This combined with the floating of the chemical weapons bullshit are setting the table.  Still can't see them getting it thru the U.N. however but you never know what kind of deals can be made.  From my understanding though, Russia and China will not allow this to happen legally thru the U.N.

"In the bill's final vote before passage, the Senate approved an amendment from McCain and others requiring a Pentagon report on options for a no-fly zone in Syria, which passed 92-6."

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Oh. Joy. PBNS(Pissed But Not Surprised)

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I'm not sure what the Obama Administration will try with regards to Syria. I'm not even sure they know themselves. Whatever they do, they'll probably screw things up worse. Hell, lots of people in the Egyptian opposition think Obama is supporting the Muslim Brotherhood because no one in his administration has said anything critical of their new constitution. Silence gives assent, all that. 

I'm not at all sure those Egyptians are correct. It may well be that the Obama Administration, like most American administrations, just doesn't know what the hell they are doing in the Middle East. 

An American or NATO invasion and occupation of Syria would be an incredibly stupid thing to do. Which, of course, just makes such a possibility all the more likely. At least the arms industry's stock will go up. 



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The chemical weapons bullshit

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Fool me once, fool me every time. Same bullshit propaganda we heard about Iraq.

A commenter at MOA, which covers this issue (chemical weapons in Syria) very well, points out one way to spot the lies and misinformation.

 A good rule of thumb is that whenever a story quotes an anonymous 'American official' or 'western diplomat' you are reading official propaganda.

Another way is having seen enough of it through the years and having been duped a few times we begin to pay better attention. Libya was propaganda overload. Syria is just next on the neocon hit-list, same ole, same ole.

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Looks like it's working too.

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Thing is, the chemical weapons that may be used could very well come thru Libya and be used by the NATO proxy forces in Syria to provide the justification for the "no-fly zone" all out air attack.  

This is the same ole, same ole.  It does look like they're trying to make some kind of move here.



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Here's more from Pat Lang

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at Sic Semper Tyrannis: (excellent source)

The Washington Post ...

contains "above the line" a feature story that continues the propaganda campaign in the media apparently designed to create public belief in the imminent collapse of the Syrian government and/or the imminent employment of Sarin or some other noxious substance by the Syrian government.


1 - The same two propagandists from WINEP and ISW are quoted as the main sources of this article as in so many other propaganda pieces on this theme and subject. These two fellows have no sources of information that they will admit to other than rebel "news" releases. The level of enthusiasm for this information campaign is so high in the idiot media that these two "experts'" opinions are now quoted as evidence.

2 - Both the president of the United States and the Secretary of State have taken to making speeches threatening Syria with unspecified "consequences" if chemical weapons are employed in the civil war. Syria states that it will not do so.

Emphasis is mine. More information at the link,  plus comments.

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Good article by Cartalucci

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It's not beyond belief that our ambassador and the CIA in Libya were involved in recruiting jihadists and supplying weapons for use of the FSA terrorists in Syria.

The Benghazi area is known to have been a rich source of fighters for Al-Qaeda in Iraq and for the Western powers in their intervention efforts to overthrow of the former government of Libya.

There is plenty of money for these activities and for those who make the policies the end justifies the means.



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