Global News, December 29, 2012

Presenting news from around the world…………

From India……

India grieves death of rape victim

The 23 year old medical student who was the victim of a horrific gang rape on December 16th has died in a Singaporean hospital.  On December 16th she and a companion boarded a private bus in New Delhi.  They were both beaten and she was gang raped for hours by several men.    India has long accepted violence against women as normal.  However, this crime has galvanized the nation and brought about unprecedented protests demanding real reforms in the way in which crimes against women are investigated and prosecuted. 



From Egypt……

Islamists tighten grip on Egypt's Shura Council

According to unofficial results, Egyptians approved their controversial new constitution by an overwhelming margin of 64 – 36.  The new constitution severely limits the freedom of Egyptian women and consolidates power in President Morsi’s political party the Muslim Brotherhood.  Members of the Muslim Brotherhood and their political allies from the two dominant Salafist political parties helped write the new constitution.  It is believed that the right to protest will be severely limited as Morsi and his Islamist allies write new laws which will guarantee their continued rule of the country.

Morsi Warns Protesters

Morsi is warning opposition groups that their continued protests will harm the Egyptian economy.  Look for the excuse of harm to the economy to be used to make protests illegal.  Morsi appears to have studied the power consolidation techniques of Putin. 



From Ireland……

Guinness' New Glass Design Angers Customers

Guinness is not known for their marketing blunders; however, they might wish they had studied Coca Cola’s disastrous New Coke campaign before they launched their new line of Guinness Stout glasses.  Unlike in America, Irish pubs serve popular or trendy brews in their own specialty glasses.  To keep up with their competition, Guinness decided that it was time to update their popular glass.  The new glass is not popular with consumers and several pubs have already thrown out the new glasses.  It’s amazing how far removed companies can become from their customer base. 


From Russia……

Putin Signs Adoption Ban

As retaliation for the passage of the Magnitsky Act (explained here: What the Magnitsky Act Means ) Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a bill that bans adoption of Russian children by American citizens.  Russia is a country with approximately 140 million people, however, currently there are over 600 thousand (some experts say that number is severely underestimated) Russian children living in Russian orphanages.  Instead of addressing the issues of police abuse and the quality of life for Russian children, Putin has taken the opportunity to grandstand in the political spotlight he craves.


From Peru……

Peru Police Laws Under Fire Over Anti-Gay Regulation

Change comes slowly.  The Peruvian police force passed a regulation that allowed for disciplinarian action against homosexual officers.  The regulation stated that police officers could be disciplined if found guilty of: “Having sexual relations with people of the same gender, that create a scandal or harm the institution’s image.”  The rule created a public outcry that reached into President Ollanta Humala’s cabinet which led to the discriminatory rule to be rewritten.  The new rule refers to any and all sexual relationships that create a scandal or harm the institution’s image. 





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Interesting news roundup.

aigeanta's picture

Thanks for posting these. I find myself coming to VOTS more and more for a source of news and information, and your global roundups are keeping me connected to the world better than a lot of other highly-paid correspondents. I have found that I'm perusing mainstream media less and less, so its important for me to get these updates here.

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thanks, Aigeanta. Glad you find these interesting.

sartoris's picture

I'm glad you enjoy these roundups.  I have been remarkably disappointed in the American media's coverage of the Russian Adoption ban.  Very, very few accounts are taking the time to explain why the Russians have enacted this ban.  I have yet to hear anyone explain the significance of the Magnitsky Act or even attempt to explain the staggering amount of corruption that Sergei Magnitsky uncovered. 

I've also been very discouraged that the American media is not explaining the power grab occurring in Egypt.  I think that the Egyptian Army will be removing Morsi from office within the next year.  The Army controls the tourism industry (it's not an 'army' the way most Americans think of an 'army' - more of a business venture with uniforms and assault rifles) and has billions at stake.  If they see Egypt turning into Iran expect them to act.

On a much lighter note, wasn't Guinness' decision to change their glass shape amazing?   

I'm very glad you find these roundups useful and interesting. 

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