Strange News from Around the World…………January 5, 2013

From Brazil……

Cat Detained While Trying to Sneak a Saw and Phone into Prison

Here kitty, kitty………….I have to admit that while this plan lacked finesse it was certainly bold.  I have to wonder how that plan was hatched.  However, I do not wonder at all that the criminal mastermind who cooked up this Houdiniesque escape scheme finds himself living life behind bars.    


From Chicago……

2 Prisoners Use Bedsheets to Climb 19 Stories to Freedom

This is a fascinating story of two prisoners who made a daring escape from the Metropolitan Correctional Center in downtown Chicago.  Both men have been recaptured; however, the way in which they escaped is simply unbelievable.  The two tied bed sheets together and climbed 19 stories down the side of the prison.  Once on the ground they hailed a cab and drove away.  Now, I always just assumed that it was protocol to have a guard or two walking around the premises to prevent just this sort of occurrence.  I’ve included a link to a video so that the visual of the 19 story rope of bed sheets can be truly appreciated. 



From Australia……

Third Time is Not A Charm for Inept Jewell Thieves

I really hate to dissuade someone from following their dreams, but it might be time for these two men to consider another vocation.  The two men failed in spectacular fashion on their third attempt at breaking into a local jewelry store.   The pair attempted to gain access to the store by smashing through the wall of a public toilet.  They did break through the wall; however, it was the wall of a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant and not their intended destination.  Turning lemons into lemonade, the quick thinking duo robbed the KFC.  The two were quickly apprehended.  Someone needs to sit down with these two and tell them both that it is time to consider the distinct possibility that they are just not criminal mastermind material.    


From Scotland……

World's Largest Shellfish Reef Discovered in Scotland

Here is a story that should shut up all those who say that if the Loch Ness Monster were real it would have been discovered by now.  Follow the link for a brilliant picture of this strange reef that was recently discovered in Scotland.  How something like this escaped detection is simply amazing. 


From Mysterious Utah……

Street Renamed For No Good Reason

From the ‘lighten up Francis’ files comes a story that is just sad, bizarre and amusing all at once.  Some people look for anything to complain about, believe me; I know lots and lots of people with more complaints than brain cells.  This story is wonderfully representative of what happens when idiots claim the reins of power. 





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Morning Glory?

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Weaksauce. They need to get a life.

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Spanish police seize ancient plundered vase

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MADRID (AP) — The owner of an antique shop in Spain was arrested after police investigators found a vase there dating back to the late second century B.C., officials said Saturday.


The antiquity had been illegally plundered from an Iberian era archeological site in the province of Alicante, an Interior Ministry statement said.

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well, times are so tough in Spain I can sympathize

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Very interesting story, Aigeanta.  Thanks for sharing.  As bad as things are currently in Spain, I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt, and believe that an otherwise honest individual was driven to a criminal act out of financial desperation.  Course, I'm a dreamer.

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