Global News, January 8, 2013

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From India……

Rape Protests Mark India Turning Point

     This is an interesting article.  The writer’s contention is that the while the protests in India began as a reaction to the New Delhi attack, they have morphed into something much broader.  I do not agree with everything the writer says, however, I did find this a very interesting article with an interesting perspective. 

Spiritual Guru Says Rape Victim is as Guilty as Her Attackers

Asaram Bapu is a very popular self-described godman with a large following in the country of India.  His popularity has taken a huge hit following his statements that the New Delhi rape victim was just as guilty as her rapists.  Wow.  I have nothing at all to add………..


From Nigeria……

Nigerian Islamic Militants Continue Church Bombings

            Want to know where the U.S. military is headed next?  Africa.  A bomb placed inside a Catholic Church by the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram killed 35 people on Christmas Day.  Boko Haram has been working with al-Qaeda and is increasing their attacks on Christian Nigerians.  The group targets Christian Nigerians (they are particularly fond of blowing up churches filled with worshippers) and is demanding that a separate Islamic State be carved out of Northern Nigeria.  During 2012, more than 500 Nigerians were killed by their attacks.  Boko Haram’s association with al-Qaeda has not gone unnoticed.  America, Britain and other western nations are very concerned with the group’s activity. 

US Sends Military Units to 35 African Countries

            Events in Africa are rarely reported by the U.S. media so this item might have slipped under your radar.  A close reading of this article reveals that the number of military personnel being dispatched to each country is very small.  It is most likely a few training experts being sent from the U.S. military to the militaries of different African nations.  This is definitely a situation which warrants more attention.


Nigeria's Emerging Theater of War

     This is an opinion piece by Nigerian writer Lekan Sote. I found his article to be highly informative on the current situation in Nigeria.


From Spain……

Catalan Nationalist Prepare for Sovereignty Fight

Catalan continues on its path to independence.  The Catalonian push for independence is not a result of the austerity measures that have been implemented within Spain.  There has long been an independence movement within Catalan.  However, the austerity measures have certainly made more Catalonians embrace the idea of independence.  The effects of the austerity measures that have been implemented in Europe will not be fully understood for years. 


From North Korea……

Gov. Bill Richardson Visits North Korea

This is a follow up to an item I previously reported regarding an American citizen who was arrested in North Korea.  Bae Jun-ho, also known as Kenneth Bae was arrested in November of 2012, for ‘crimes against the state’.  As with anything related to North Korea, the details are foggy.  Some reports state that at the time of his arrest, he had a hard disk which contained video of the North Korean government executing dissidents.  Gov. Richardson is acting as an envoy to discuss other matters; however, the governor did state that he would bring up the issue of Mr. Bae. 


From Egypt……

Egyptian Satirist Investigated for Insulting the President

The Egyptian government of Mohamed Morsi is beginning to display all the familiar characteristics of an insecure dictatorship.  A popular Egyptian satirist has been questioned by police for ‘insulting’ Morsi and ‘undermining his standing’.  Morsi must be a recent graduate of Putin’s charm school for dictators. 

Egypt Has A New Constitution

In December the Egyptian people voted overwhelmingly to approve two referendums that will lead to the writing of a new Egyptian Constitution.  This article is an excellent breakdown of a somewhat confusing situation.  There are a lot of players operating in Egypt.  Morsi is shaping up to be a very typical dictator. 





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Good morning.

Glinda's picture

Excellent round up.

A popular Egyptian satirist has been questioned by police for ‘insulting’ Morsi and ‘undermining his standing’.

I wouldn't be surprised if the U.S. satirists are being watched just like Occupy was and is. I know that's really cynical, but I've been surprised by so much that I never thought would happen but it did, so now I do realize that anything's possible.

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I'm always surprised

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I am consistently surprised by the way the world works.  So many people engaged in fruitless activities.  Blowing up churches, arresting comedians, excusing the crimes of men by blaming the woman and on and on and on.  When I was a kid I watched the original Star Trek and thought, wow, the future is going to be awesome.  Now, I'm just surprised we ever made it out of the caves. 

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