Global News, February 7, 2013

Presenting news from around the world…………

From Syria……

Syrian Opposition Meets with Russia and Iran

The two year old civil war in Syria appears to be drawing down. The governments of Iran and Russia have managed to keep Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad in power; however, their actions indicate that both countries realize that Assad’s time is nearly finished. In a very telling development, the foreign ministers of both Russia and Iran conducted negotiations with Syrian National Coalition leader Moaz Alkhatib. In my opinion, this single fact reveals how fragile Assad’s hold on power has become.

 Rebels Launch Epic Battle for Damascus

In another sign of the weakened position of the Syrian regime, rebels have launched their largest attack yet on the Syrian capital of Damascus. Six different opposition groups have united together to attack Damascus. The fighting is said to be some of the heaviest since the beginning of the Syrian civil war.


From Brazil……

Brazil Advances Ethanol Technology

Did you know that only America produces more Ethanol than Brazil? For a variety of reasons, I’m not sold on the idea that ethanol is worth pursuing as a bio-fuel. However, I am open to the possibility that perhaps America’s approach to ethanol has been wrong and that it is actually a good idea. My concerns on the issue are irrelevant. Recently, Brazil made a very significant advancement in sugar cane-to-ethanol technology by developing a process which allows what was previously unusable sugar cane waste to now be turned into ethanol. Unlike America, Brazil has repeatedly demonstrated that it is very committed to reducing the amount of oil that they import.


From Costa Rica……

San Jose Bans Genetically Modified Foods

Last month, Monsanto secured permission to grow genetically modified corn within the country of Costa Rica. This decision was very controversial and has sparked a backlash across the nation. This week, the Municipal Council of San Jose (the capital and largest city of Costa Rica) passed an ordinance which prohibits the growing, selling and consuming of genetically modified food within the municipality.  San Jose is the largest of the 26 Costa Rican municipalities which have passed bans related to genetically modified food.


From Mali……

Aid Groups to Resume Work in Mali

Now that French and Malian forces have driven out the Islamic militants who controlled most of Northern Mali, several aid organizations are planning to resume or expand their operations in the region. It is a truism that the civilian population suffers disproportionately during war. Sadly, the conflict has created an estimated 400 thousand refugees. The various relief organizations fill a necessary void in this area. To give but one example that highlights the need in this area, since January, the organization , Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) has provided more than 9000 medical consultations in Northern Mali.  



From Sweden……

14 Year Old Girl Wins Fight for Removal of Sexist Mural

This is a sad story. A high school ‘art’ project has been removed only after the complaints made by a 14 year old female student went viral. I have to say that this young woman demonstrated a great deal of courage in standing up to the adults at her school. Astrid Johansson is my hero for the week.





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all the news I see fit to print...........

alright, that's too smug, right? my apologies.........however, this is a very good collection. The story about the young Swedish girl made my day/week.

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Nice round-up!

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Shit is getting real in East Asia!

Japan accused China's navy of locking weapons-guiding radar onto Japanese naval forces twice in the past three weeks, an escalation of their territorial dispute that has heightened fears of a military conflict between the Asian giants—one that could entangle the U.S.

While no shots were fired, the radar at issue often precedes an attack. The incidents Japan described followed nearly two months of increasing tussles between the two air forces, including the first-ever reported intrusion by China into airspace claimed by Japan and the scrambling of advanced fighter jets by both sides.

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Japan vs China........

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What did you think about the Swedish story?  That made my day.

I'm not too sure that anything will happen between Japan/China. In my opinion, they are both posturing. You're right, locking radar takes it to a whole different level, I just think it's a very intense game of 'chicken'.

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ethanol is about as clean as clean coal....

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Costa Rica is usually really really good about policy. sad to hear Monsanto got permission but awesome to hear that San Jose is gonna stick it to them.

Assad is pretty much done....

great round up! :D

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