MITNews: Even when test scores go up, some cognitive abilities don’t

In the "not really news for those who have taught the students subjected to the standardized test system" Department, from MITNews:

Such tests are designed to measure the knowledge and skills that students have acquired in school — what psychologists call “crystallized intelligence.” However, schools whose students have the highest gains on test scores do not produce similar gains in “fluid intelligence” — the ability to analyze abstract problems and think logically — according to a new study from MIT neuroscientists working with education researchers at Harvard University and Brown University.

The "fluid skills" are, of course, critical to the future productivity of our national economy: the "crystallized intelligence" is what is most subject to mechanization through computer systems, while the "fluid skills" are the hardest to mechanize, and whatever skills can be mechanized will eventually become a widely available commodity.

Yet the fluid skills are also the most dangerous to the powers that be, for those in charge of a status quo that endangers future generations, when an excessive degree of "fluid skills" among the population would risk leading to demands that we move rapidly away from our suicidal path.

This is unlikely to be a conspiracy, of course, but it is certainly a convenience, when the power base of the Suicide Club and the pursuit of profit by the Private Schools scam artists ~ who are themselves by no means competent to deliver on the fluid skills of the old, entrenched private schools that they evoke ~ are in such close congruence.




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I watched a conference

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presentation yesterday on using technology to promote critical thinking skills. The numbers were stunning in a disturbing way. I'll see if I can't find them.

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