Yeah, I see that Hillary is running.

Evidently so is Rubio? And how do the Reds look this year, they got the pitching to go all the way?

I know that there is talk of a "Warren Wing" in the air, and there are various progressive money raising rings trying to talk Warren into running, to be able to hype her running and keep the money raising ring going.

A different perspective, below the fold.

In terms of an inside/outside strategy of building a progressive movement within the Democratic party that is strong enough to force a "get on board or kick us out" confrontation, its 2020-2024 at the earliest when it could be ready to tackle the Democratic Presidential primaries.

Until then, IMO, swinging state legislature, building a progressive populist alternative in "R leaning" Congressional seats and "purple" Senate seats, and kicking out CorporaDems in "safe" Congressional and Senate seats is a much more promising place to place time and energy than the big money game of Presidential politics.

At this point, Hillary is the likely CorporaDem. Now, come the summer of 2016, it might not be Hillary playing the role of the CorporaDem, even though she has the inside track ... there'll be a couple of relatively younger understudies for the role in the race, just in case she stumbles, and to get experience for 2020 in case she blows the growing demographic advantage to a CorporaDem running against a CorporaRep in a state by state national race with relatively large turnout.

But the plays that "they" are choosing between for 2016 is either a CorporaDem against a CorporaRep or a CorporaDem against a TheistRep in the fall, LOTE, rinse and repeat.

We will hear talk about how Hillary will be talking up the economics of the Middle Class, but we've heard similar talk from CorporaDems before, and its always hot air. We get promises of fighting for the Middle Class and of Green Jobs and and instead we get the TPP.

I'm personally investing time, money, effort, or even emotional energy as a member of the studio audience in the game of running to the beach, building a sandcastle, and then trying to push back the tide to keep it up. I'll be on the look out for activities that build for the longer term than the temporary thrill of a Presidential primary race that is likely to be a choice between hopeless and pointless ... a hopeless fight for what's right or a pointless fight to put a different CorporaDem in the White House than the CorporaDem everyone expects to see there at the moment,





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