Purple Fingers Means What?

Iraqis voted Sunday in their country's first free election in a half-century.

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Iraqi Woman 2005 election.

Oh wait, that was in 2005.

But George W. Bush is a war criminal.

Let's update.

Libyans voted Saturday in their country's first free election in over a half-century.

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Libyan woman 2012 election

But Libya is different, there is no war criminal to blame.


When is taking out an evil dictator by bombing his country a war crime and when isn't it?

Why do people get all mushy about purple fingers? Must be me, I never liked purple.




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yeah, while the purple fingers may make those in...

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those countries feel like they are participating in a form of democracy, i think it is more for the propagandists to use...

i don't begrudge the citizens the personal and sometimes immense joy of getting that purple finger - i saw it firsthand when i covered the westernmost polling place in the world in 2005 for my news station - but i think that it's as much for the propagandists and PTB to use as it is as a prevention of voter fraud...

and it's used by the PTB as a shiny object to distract from the real issues involved...

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I think there's no doubt about it..

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The propagandists like to use colors in their operations. Just like about everywhere else, they get to vote for the people the PTB say they can vote for, then it's called democracy. Just like the good ole USA.
Now the PTB can say, "See, Libya and Iraq are just like the USA, they've got purple fingers too."

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I think

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there is massive voter fraud. I saw a guy in an alley selling ink pads, to foreighners. Ouf of a van.

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