Power and Greed

Iran War
What for
Not for a nuke
You’d have to be a kook
To believe that.

Or an American
Singing Yes We Can
Filled with hope, like a dope
From a politicians words
Again and again.

War is a Racket
The General Said
Full Metal Jacket
You’ll all end up dead
For power and greed

The only red line
Is for power and greed
They take what they want
And they get what they need
It's as simple as that.

Power and greed, power and greed
They take what they want
And get what they need

They lied to us then
They’re lying to us now
It’s always the same
The key to their game
Why would that change?

Don’t believe them
Just give it a try
The more who believe
The more who will die
That’s no lie

Why do you listen
Haven’t you learned
Do you still believe the lies
Do you like getting burned
What is it with you.

They want a new war
I said War is a Racket
They want a new war
Why isn’t that clear

Power and Greed, Power and Greed
They take what they want
And get what they need.

It's all in our minds
What we're made to believe
The excuses for war
Must not be received
No more, no more.

It shouldn't matter
What they tell us is wrong
The reasons they use
For war are as long
As history itself.

Don't believe the lies
Enough is enough
Listen to the cries
Of those we are killing
For power and greed

Power and Greed, Power and Greed
They take what they want
And get what they need.




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Power and greed

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On the political front what options do we have? Little and none. Be aware of political theater that is continuously pushed by the establishment media.

... regardless of who you vote for, you can firmly depend on being disappointed in the areas that actually count. The whole idea that the democratic system such as it is allows voters to alter a nation's course by simply voting for a different batch of politicians is profoundly mistaken. In reality, the ruling elites use the apparent differences as a slick political ploy: namely to implement whatever agenda they have already decided upon without arousing the anger of the hoi-polloi too much.

One must very carefully parse everything one sees or hears on the 'approved' news media these days. More often than not things are not what they seem, and it only becomes clear after some time in what direction they are about to be taken. Often we are confronted with seemingly diametrically opposed opinions on how to tackle a burning problem. Later a 'compromise' will suddenly and 'unexpectedly' make its entrance, consisting of the very policies the elites wanted to introduce in the first place. Upon hearing of the 'compromise', everybody nods sagely and agrees that this is what should be done, not realizing that they were duped from the very beginning.

Zero Hedge

For example:

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That's the Kabuki theater, It's obvious once

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you're aware of it. Which is why most of us are here, we're aware of it. I was thinking earlier about what can be done about it. It's difficult to come up with an answer.

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Difficult, yes very much so.

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I have no good answer Big Al. One thing which would help, take the money out of politics, but, ha, that's just a dream. Big money buys power and influence. Influence is used to make policies which beget more money. The spiral continues.

We might not live to see it but I expect there will come a time when the hubris and rot from within brings the empire down. As always, and I have had the unpleasant experience of witnessing a bit of it first-hand and even contributing to it myself - which I deeply regret -, I feel for those powerless souls who are caught standing in the way of the empire's quest for power and wealth. Over the decades there have been millions of them.

A wave of the hand, a flip of the wrist, ah "who cares they're just raghead terrorists", "evil dictators", "commies", etc. etc.

The boogeyman contrivance works well, and we're so foolable.

Isn't it nearly time for the Punch and Judy show? I don't suppose any of the lesser known candidates will be invited, or will they? That might make it worth watching.

Otherwise, no way.

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War as viable foreign policy

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Bacevich points out that, through the magic of movies like Top Gun and the propaganda of print and tv, war has gone through a rehabilitation in recent decades, moving from a last ditch and nasty alternative to a viable instrument of foreign policy. Bacevich points out that the lesson to be learned from the history of warfare is that is unpredictable. It does not provide the clean solutions envisioned by chicken hawk policy-makers. It never ever goes as predicted. It is dehumanizing. The image of heroes personally unaffected by the horrific experiences they see, and as the best of society who are never corrupted by war and who fight with only the highest of ideals--that image is a fantasy. It is only because we don't see what is really happening, even watered down on the news, that these fantasies can be kept alive. It is a conscious decision that prevents us Americans from seeing the dreadful acts being committed in our names.

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Unpredictable, dehumanizing

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Something is dreadfully wrong geomoo.

There are very easy lessons to be learned from recent history. I don't believe our leaders and policy makers are that stupid!

Can they be? Have they ever witnessed up close any of the suffering and misery their policies and tactics create?

Or is it that they don't care as long as "American interests" are being served, or is it war for the sake of war, for profit and some depopulation as a side benefit, the "Racket" Smedley Butler defined so well.

I assume it's all of the above.

Does the fact that the nature of human beings is to resist a foreign military on it's soil escape our policy makers or are they so drunk with arrogance that they cannot even conceive of such a fact? Perhaps the people of the lesser developed parts of the world are not as stupid as we have been conditioned to believe.

COIN in Afghanistan has been a sick joke. A basic point from the Counterinsurgency manual: "An operation that kills five insurgents is counterproductive if the collateral damage or the creation of blood feuds leads to the recruitment of fifty more."

Our own young people are victims as much as the people we are terrorizing.

Yes, too many Americans live in fantasy land, that our military heroes saving the world from evil. More likely, perpetual war is the current plan and countless untold victims will be one of the results of it.

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