Congressional Unmanned Systems Caucus

Drones are the new big thing and right now there is a global race to manufacture, sell, buy, and fly them wherever there is air. The Military Industrial Complex (MIC) is feasting on the possibilities of arming every country and law enforcement organization on earth twice over.

Most of those who will read this know about President Eisenhower's warning, over fifty years ago, about the power of the MIC.  This is an example of that power, and maybe an example of how the MIC has become unstoppable.   Something that has occurred to me since 9/11 is how in your face and blatant our federal government has become including efforts to make legal things that in the past were done undercover, in secret or simply went unsaid.    Torture, global military empire, assassinations, oligarchy, plutocracy, they don't pretend about these things anymore.        

The Congress of the U.S. uses Congressional Member Organizations, otherwise known as Caucuses, to organize themselves, build social ties, coordinate and promote legislative agendas, and to serve special functions for the oligarchy in return for funding for special interests, campaign donations and places in the revolving door.  

There are over two hundred Congressional Caucuses at any one time, most of them single issue and without significant numbers of representatives or resources.  Some are well known and fairly active, some are virtually unknown and barely active.  Some have websites and member lists and some appear to consist of a single representative with little information.  Examples include the Congressional Black Caucus (website and member list), the Congressional Progressive Caucus (website and member list), the Congressional Scouting Caucus (no website or member list), and the Congressional Down Syndrome Caucus (no website or member list)  

One of the more significant Congressional Caucuses relative to number of members and organization is the Congressional Unmanned Systems Caucus, with over 60 members and what appears to be a substantial and well-funded organization.

"More than $8 million in campaign contributions from drone manufacturers and operators has flowed into the coffers of the 60 members of the House Unmanned Systems Caucus. The majority of the House members are from California, Texas, Virginia and New York, including the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Howard “Buck” McKeown, a California Republican, and Silvestre Reyes, a Texas Democrat who lost a primary election and leaves Congress at the end of the year."

In other words, those representatives who states have the biggest interests in the MIC drone habit/industry and those wanting more action happen to be the members of the caucus.

Congressional Unmanned Systems Caucus

Mission & Main Goals

The mission of the U.S. House Unmanned Systems Caucus is to educate members of Congress and the public on the strategic, tactical, and scientific value of unmanned systems; actively support further development and acquisition of more systems, and to more effectively engage the civilian aviation community on unmanned system use and safety.

As members of this Caucus, we:

 1.Acknowledge the overwhelming value of these systems to the defense, intelligence, homeland security, law enforcement, and the scientific communities;

2.Recognize the urgent need to rapidly develop and deploy more Unmanned Systems in support of ongoing civil, military, and law enforcement operations;

3.Work with the military, industry, the Department of Homeland Security, NASA, the Federal Aviation Administration, and other stakeholders to seek fair and equitable solutions to challenges created by UAV operations in the U.S. National Air Space (NAS);

4.Support our world-class industrial base that engineers, develops, manufactures, and tests unmanned systems creating thousands of American jobs;

5.Support policies and budgets that promote a larger, more robust national security unmanned system capability.





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I wonder if a caucus called

type1error's picture

the Congressional Uninsured Children Caucus would so many members and so much funding. I doubt it.

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Funny stuff and, by the way, I love Big Brother

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Tears are running down my cheeks now. On one side it's from laughing so hard at the idea of something called the Congressional Unmanned Systems Caucus actually existing. Of course it doesn't. It can't! It's too ridiculous.

And on the other side of my face the tears are from the love I feel for Big Brother. Anything he wants to do is all right by me! By golly!

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Just to highlight one of their goals.

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"Recognize the urgent need to rapidly develop and deploy more Unmanned Systems in support of ongoing civil, military, and law enforcement operations;"

"Urgent need to rapidly"

It's absolutely true, they're falling over themselves trying to build and sell and many as possible why they're hot.

There is no stopping it.

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They're allowed to lie, there's no truth in advertising

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and this IS all advertising, to sell a product. Is it good? You'd think the people who are in power might stop once and ask themselves the question. Maybe they have. If so, they've dismissed the concept.

I'd like to think it brings us a step closer to the whole thing crashing down but the pessimist in me sees a future where "everybody has drones so we have to, too".

I try to look at the world, see the problems, think of possible solutions but I feel I'm wasting my time doing that. When "it's a dangerous world" can so effectively shut down argument, what chance is there? I mean, "of course it's dangerous, you fools! You're running it and you have things like drones!" But then we're called crazy.

We'd have a better chance if only the President were actually the guy he pretended to be. Then he could use the bully pulpit. So already in this paragraph there are two depressing items.

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Just proves once again that

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"war is a racket". Money, money, money, power, power, power.

As Smedley Butler wrote, ... the most pofitable, the most vicious, profits reckoned in dollars and losses in lives, ... conducted for the benefit of the very few at the expense of the majority.

"Out of war a few people make huge fortunes".

This one is going to come back to haunt us. Step out of line too far and end up in the matrix for a drone up the ass. Judge and jury not needed. The precedent has been set.


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Is this funny, or not?

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we petition the obama administration to:
Secure resources and funding, and begin construction of a Death Star by 2016.


Those who sign here petition the United States government to secure funding and resources, and begin construction on a Death Star by 2016.


By focusing our defense resources into a space-superiority platform and weapon system such as a Death Star, the government can spur job creation in the fields of construction, engineering, space exploration, and more, and strengthen our national defense.


Created: Nov 14, 2012

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Watch The First Flight of Europe’s Killer Drone Prototype


This drone may have an awkward name. But several European governments think the nEUROn is their ticket to a future of flying killer robots.


The video (at above link)  shows the first flight of the nEUROn, a drone with a 41-foot wingspan and an empty weight of five tons, which on Saturday launched from France’s Istres air base. The takeoff of the stealthy, batwing-shaped drone, jointly developed by six European countries, was nearly a decade in the making, and tests will continue in France, Sweden and Italy for years to come.

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