Neocons and Venezuela

Not that the ruling class doesn't have enough on its plate what with the Asian Pivot, the Middle East, Africa, and fucking with Sasquatch (China and Russia), the death of Chavez has them salivating with dreams of sugarplums in their stockings.

"The next few days and weeks stand as a signal moment for the United States to re-seize its traditional leadership role in the Americas on behalf of democratic and free-market development. An abdication of that leadership would mean the continuation of a lawless Venezuelan government in cahoots with Cuba, Iran and drug traffickers to the detriment of all decent people in the region."

This is from the American Enterprise Institute, the successor thinktank to PNAC with the same Neocons and Zionists that filled the Bush admin and basically tell Obama what to do. They're going to take the country apart, get the oil and other resources, and use the opportunity to fuck with Central and South America once again. They never stop. 

Some of the fake liberals and progressives over at Daily Kos were critical of Hugo Chavez, claiming all sorts of things about him.  Wait until they see what comes next.  Chaos, just like in Syria and Libya.  They don't give a shit about the aftermath, they're one with the neocons just like they were with Libya and Syria.  Oh and Afghanistan and Iraq, although when they found out about the lies, they had to pretend to be against that one too.  If it wasn't for the lies, the evil Dictator Saddam was no different from the others, they would have been all over it like hypocrits on steroids. .





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They killed him, this was planned,

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now the show begins.  Fucking bastards. 

Of course I don't have proof of that, but estimates are they tried to kill Castro over 600 times.  It's not like it's far fetched.  And with the tieing of him to Iran, all the oil, the threat of independence and the inability to completely control the Southern Hemisphere.    Come on.  There's always more to the story than Hugo Chavez simply dieing of cancer at 58.

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Fucking Human Rights Watch

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They had the "Human rights violations!!!!" charge up and loaded, ready to go immediately.

Of course, one only has to look at their board of directors to see that Human Rights Watch subscribes completely to the notion that Corporations are People.

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This story exposes the US real world role

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The media coverage and general discussion of this story, when compared with the facts of the matter, exposes the blatant hypocrisy of US claims to champion democracy and human rights more plainly than any in recent memory.  The facts surround Chavez' governance are stark.

That quote claiming a US leadership role for democracy, well, it's just incredible that they can get away with talking that way given the decades long history in the region, not to mention what is occurring domestically and around the globe.  They hypnotism has seldom been on more obvious display.

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