Passing the time waiting for silly season to end ...

... now, that isn't ME, I've got an essay to write this afternoon, work to do on the fight to save the Newcastle NSW rail line, class on Monday, and poll watching to do Tuesday for the Ohio Green party ...

... but the last few weeks of the election season can easily drown out serious work on policy issues, and even for people who are working on this or that campaign (the recent spike in electioneering essays lets us know that is also happening among some VotS folk) ...

... getting away from TV and commercial radio and the onslaught of campaign ads can be a refreshing change of pace.

Well, I'm not going to tell you how to do that, because unless you subscribe to the following web site, the streaming and royalties for the content will be paid for by streaming ads, and depending upon what state they think you are streaming the content from, that can easily be non-stop campaign advertising.

But you can always mute the sound til the ad is over.


The best action anime of 2007 was Black Lagoon. A Japanese salaryman gets involved in a shady transaction in Southeast Asia, and ends up on the crew of an old PT boat used for a range of commercial transactions of various degrees of illegality. Bangs and booms, impossible escapes and, before the end of the series, yakuza to boot.

Black Lagoon dubbed complete ep 1-24, subbed 1-22, on

Black Lagoon subbed ep1-22 on Hulu


Chihaya Furu is The opposite of Black Lagoon, Chihaya Furu is a charming character study set in a High School, a competitive player of a card game based on the classic 100 poems collected hundreds of years ago, played by children to help learn their fancy Kanji characters (the adopted chinese characters that are one of three Japanese writing systems), but played competitively by a small set of devotees.

Chihaya Furu, on Crunchyroll, subbed complete ep 1-25


Hibito is a Japanese astronaut in the near future, about to be the first Japanese astronaut to walk on the moon as part of a mission to set up a moon base. Mutta is his older brother. They both had dreams of becoming astronauts, but Mutta ended up not pursuing his dream, but becoming an engineer at a car compay. Atfer head butting his boss and getting fired, Mutta is at lose ends, and is gently nudged by his younger brother to revive his dream of becoming an astronaut.

Space Brothers, subbed, ongoing simulcasting weekly at Crunchyroll

(presently up to ep30 ad-streaming, ep31 for subscribers)


An angsty series about teen angst and forbidden love at a girl's school, the melodramatic Tezuka classic "Brother, Dear Brother" was only available in the US in unofficial bootleg fansubs until the member-subtitling streaming site Viki was able to license Tezuka's work.

Brother, Dear Brother, subbed at YouTube

Brother, Dear Brother, subbed at Viki


So, what international themed shows are you watching?




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Thanks for the recommendations, BruceMcF

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I haven't seen these. I go from wanting to leave all the political and dismal BS to wanting to spend all my time with fantasy as I am an artist in my other life.

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As an artist ...

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... you might note how the artistic style changes over time ~ Dear Brother is from the 90's, Black Lagoon is from five years ago, and Chihaya Furu and Space Brothers are current.

All are originally for television broadcast, so all use one form or another of cost saving tricks, from the pastel washes that freeze the frame and move to the next scene in Dear Brother to the 2D CGI that is used to provide the pattern of the traditional Japanese dress in Chihaya Furu in a way that is quite distinctive from the 3D CGI that we are more accustomed to in Western all-rendered animation.

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Ahh, indeed

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It's amazing what they could do back when technology was more primitive. It takes more skill to work with less. I look forward to seeing those.

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