America..Land of the scam, con man and hustler.

First let me say this.

I was in group therapy for quite a few years. Not some nicey happy joy
joy mind you, this was a therapy based on unvarnished, in your face,
harsh reality. It had to be. For this particular center dealt with late
stage substance abuse, alcoholism and eating disorders. They ripped the
rose colored glasses off of your face, threw them on the floor and
proceeded to stomp them in to bits. And if you continued to come in with
a new pair, you had the same thing done.

This is a diary concerning the review of a book or rather, three books, written by historian Morris Berman done recently in Truth Out.  The books themselves are a must read.

The Twilight of American Culture, Dark Ages America and now finally Why America FailedBerman's website gives a good look at each as well. Rather than go into detail like I did on another blog, I think including here the video of a talk he did on each last year, would be better than anything I could do. But be advised, like the group therapy I was through - he pulls no punches. He tells the truth about this country in a very forth right manner where there are no subjects, groups or areas that are sacrosanct. 

Morris Berman - Why America failed




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This is an important issue

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Where are we at and where do we desire to be?

There really is much to learn from this talk and I honestly appreciate you sharing it

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Thanks for sticking with VOTS cmaukonen

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Generally American culture is more robust than Berman gives it credit for being -- but nonetheless Berman does characterize why American culture is likely to foment a bad end.

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I wish....

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I wish I could say that professor Berman isn't just pissing into the wind but I am afraid that even those who proscribe to being leftists of one sort or another are not likely to acept any of what he says and are simply drinking the kool aid but highly flavored with some chep white wine.

There are few...damn this country who are open enough for this kind of critique and self examination. One would have more luck convincing a died in the wool Nazi of Hitler's insanity.

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