And the blood continues to flow.......

But what do you expect in a country where gratuitous violence, blood and mayhem make up the vast majority of the entertainment.

Where a wholly unrealistic portrayal of the Wild West™ on TV and in the movies is still very popular and there are those who not only believe it to be real but also think it should be design for how this country should be living. Albeit updated a bit.

Where massive killings in this country are a major tragedy but only until they leave the media cycle. But even more massive killings by our military of civilians - even children - are considered unfortunate but necessary.

Where everyone believes they will eventually "strike it rich" and are entitled too. Just look at how many buy lottery tickets and hold them like they just found the map to the Lost Dutchman's Mine. Even though the chances of anyone actually winning are somewhat less than getting struck by lightning in Grand Central Station. Where there are those on the left who feel just entitled to their ill gotten gains as those on the right.

Where personal property trumps all else and protecting it is the highest priority. And how you acquire it is of little importance.

Where everything is put in monetary terms and everything has a price. And this idea is drummed into your heads from the time your are very young. "Do you think money grows on trees ?!" "You need a good education so you can make good money." "Why do you want to do that ? There's no money in it."

Where the same people who rail about the banks and Wall Street and lazy poor and ethnic people also brag how they avoided paying tax and got "some sucker" to buy that broken down old car, house, lawn mower...etc for far more than it was worth. Or how they got that promotion at work partly by spreading rumors and gossip about those who were also in line. All within earshot of the children, there by giving them the message that cheating is actually OK as long as you don't get caught.

Where government actions on fraud and theft and lies depends on how much money you have.

Or as a friend of mine put it. "A culture of violence." And of mental & emotional breakdown. The culture is empty.




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How could Presidents have

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How could Presidents have photo-ops grieving for the victims if we didn't have a rampant gun culture claiming lives every now and then?

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HA !

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And I thought I was sarcastic and cynical :-)

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One legged veterans..

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will greet the dawn
And they're whistling marches as they mow the lawn
And the gargoyles only sit and grieve
The gypsy fortune teller told me that we'd been deceived
You only are what you believe

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