America's Untold Story - As Told By Oliver Stone

America's Untold History by Oliver Stone has been running on Showtime and so far the first nine parts are available on Youtube. I am rather amazed that this series is being shown on Showtime and even more amazed that the first 9 parts have been uploaded to youtube by someone other than Showtime itself. At least I think they have since I know nothing about the user who uploaded them. And that they have not been summarily removed as most such thing generally rather quickly.

Stone goes into fairly good detail and the series begins with WWII though to me he could have easily gone back to WWI or even the Civil War to show how much our wars of conquest - and make no mistake they have been wars of conquest - have been influenced by, supported by and funded by Wall Street, corporate America and the banks.

He (Stone) paints a sordid picture of how we have stolen land and resources over the years from other countries to build and maintain prosperity at home and fill the coffers of those on Wall Street. Using propaganda to justify them which the vast majority of Americans would swallow hook line and sinker. Not really caring much about how this country was able to maintain their life style, just as long as it did.

Americans like to put their leaders up and pedestals and praise them, turning a blind eye to their actually legacy. Stone does neither - leaving little unexposed. Stone never actually points the finger of blame but pulls not punches. Naming names of all those involved, with quotes from many of them. We here tend to revere or leaders but if you watch the whole thing you may find yourself reviling more than a few of them as well as their administrations and their political parties.

A good part of the series concentrates on the anti-communist propaganda - championed initially by Harry Truman and his cabinet here and by Churchill in Briton - and how this would direct American foreign and domestic policy up through the 1990s. He also shows how this propaganda came from Wall Street and the Wall Street people that every president had as advisers. It is a shame however that there is no mention of how much the Bolshevik revolution struck at the hearts of the western capitalists.

Not the over throw of the Tzar but the over throw of the capitalists and the defeat of the White Russians whom we had supported in the civil war that followed. Striking fear in to their hearts. Or how socialism and communism had become extremely popular here especially during the depressions of the late 1920s and 1930s and how Wall Street and political propaganda would make damn sure this popularity was completely crushed.

Stone does suggest or at least questions whether or not communism simply became Raison d'être for our military adventurism and continued military spending even as early as the mid 1960s. It is interesting to note that Stone refers to the taxes the rich had to pay during the cold war as "War Tax" and after the fall of the Soviet Union was no longer seen as necessary. That even Clinton would squander and "Peace Dividend" by throwing even more money at the Pentagon. This becomes even more evident with the "war on terror" supplementing the War on communism, which begot the War on Drugs.

The series also show that with few - if any - exceptions that the US intervened in and help topple any government that might want to kick out any American corporation. And this was anywhere in the world. Asia, Africa, South America .......

What really strikes me is that with no exception and with out missing a beat, every administration has carried on in a business as usual manner from the previous one with regards to the military and financial sector since Truman.

I highly recommend watching each one and though they are around 59 minutes long, he does put a lot of information out in each one. He also does a pretty good job of tying together previous history with the subject of each chapter.

Here is a link to the first episode. With luck they will remain up for a while.




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I've been really enjoying this series

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and have been impressed with the amount of information presented generally. The use of stock footage reminds me more than a little of the inspired work Adam Curtis does in his editing.

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thanks for this information

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I'm going to look for these on youtube.  In my opinion, Stone is among the very best director/writers today.  He knows how to tell a story.  People do need to be careful from overlooking the sins of our nation, however, portraying America as the most evil of countries is also hyperbolic and wrong.  We had some real foul balls as leaders, but we never had a Stalin or Pol Pot.  That being said, it is important to have an accurate understanding of our country's past.  Thanks for sharing this. 

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We had some real foul balls as leaders, but we never had a Stalin or Pol Pot.

Only because they could not get enough votes in Kansas or Alabama.

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It's highly unlikely that Pol Pot

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and his gang would have come to power absent the US bombing of eastern Cambodia since 1965 (secretly) and finally the overthrow of Prince Sihanouk.  Sihanouk had tried to keep Cambodia out of the war in neighboring Viet Nam and had made some accomocations to both sides, much to the displeasure of the US.

The CIA engineered the installation of pro-US Lon Nol and his military clique in power in his place. The US military incursion into Cambodia and intensified bombing beginning in 1970 served to further enrage the Khmer people. Pol Pot's origins and that of many of his followers can be traced to this region.

And then after the debacle in Viet Nam we wanted to improve relations with the Khmer Rouge. Henry Kissinger to Thai Foreign Minister Chatichai in November of 1975:

Kissinger: "You should also tell the Cambodians that we will be friends
with them. They are murderous thugs, but we won't let that stand in our
way. We are prepared to improve relations with them."

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Thank you for this

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I was not aware of it being on YouTube.

What really strikes me is that with no exception and with out missing a beat, every administration has carried on in a business as usual manner from the previous one with regards to the military and financial sector since Truman.

Yes, let's hear about the difference between Democrats and Republicans one more time.

So, is it not clear, or at least does this not give us a major hint, that others, the so called powers that be, the non-elected power elite, representatives of Wall Street and powerful corporations - we all know who they are - those that benefit most, have the most influence in important policy making decisions, in particular foreign policy? The president through his administration, State, Pentagon, CIA are given the task of implementing those policies.

Policies revolve around our"national interests". A succinct definition of those interests involves "unfettered access" to entities that do not belong to us such as resources, markets and labor of foreign countries.

Covert operations, regime changes, diplomacy by bribery and blackmail and all out war are some of the tools. "The Mighty Wurlitzer" still functions to fool the foolable but the Internet has become somewhat of a thorn in their side.

Wealth brings power and influence. Power and influence serve to bring more wealth to the powerful.

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