Yay! Status Quo Wins.

A Democrat retained the White House.  The Democrats retained control of the Senate.  The Republicans retained control of the House of Representatives.

Are you effin' kidding me?  Obama wants input from the loser?

In the weeks ahead, I also look forward to sitting down with Governor Romney to talk about where we can work together to move this country forward.

Why?  Psssst, Obama: Romney holds no office, he's going back to hiring someone to meet with his general contractor regarding the elevator for his cars in the new house he's building.

The election would have never been this close if Obama was a great or even good leader.

Paraphrasing Jon Stewart from last night:

Two years and 3 billion dollars later, nothing's effin' changed.





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BREAKING: Weak Winner Seeks Input From Weaker Loser!

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Ah, yes.  Always a great strategy to seek advice from a pathological liar.  I'm sure that the millionaire who does not pay taxes and has a car elevator can provide much needed ideas on how to, 'move the country forward'.  Are you kidding me with this stuff?

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Meet the new boss

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same as the old boss. I did get a thrill out of  old R white guys, who want to probe vaginas, own your womb, and declare war on the victims of rape and females in general, lose. Same with the gay haters and bigots.  I cannot believe that half this country  wants to live in a cruel theocratic, Randian, anti-democratic land that's the stuff of nightmares. What a strange election result  night . Obama's speech quelled any joy I had felt at watching Mitt concede.  The people I watched election night with all reacted the same, no joy just relief that the worst evil and bat shit crazy wingers were kept at bay, sort of.. Then we got to hear  that crossing the isle was a solution and a grand bargain was just the ticket to avoid the looming cliffs of fiscal mass destruction.  . At dinner we all talked about what could have been done the obscene amounts of money spent in this endless campaign season. 

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the good news is

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We will live in the same hellish dystopia we already lived in instead! But Obama cares so the peas will taste better.

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Hey, Obama is just trying to unite us all

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The butt-fucking will be more palatable for everyone that way, and after all, you're austerity level will not depend on how you voted--we're all purple now.

Just going by memory, when Reagan won the WH, he immediately treated Jimmy Carter like persona non grata.  I don't remember the details, perhaps something about not extending the customary courtesy of providing an apartment for some time during the transition.  But even moreso, Reagan made it clear by word and by deed that he represented a certain constituency, and his administration took glee in rubbing it in the hippies' faces.  I'll never forget his ceremonial destruction of the EPA rules and regulations.

When Bush took over from Clinton, one of the things  they did was spread false stories of childishly and criminally destroyed office equipment by the outgoing administration.

When Dems take over, they say, "Don't worry. We really don't stand for anything new."  I'm so fucking sick of being a Dem.  I guess I mean I would be, if I still considered myself one.  No more.  Those days are over.

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Why? Because its an empty promise. Duh!

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This is the president who supported corporate trade agreements in a Democratic primary campaign, and defended it with the empty promise that he would "renegotiate" NAFTA.

Some promise that ~ we're damn lucky he didn't, because as bad as NAFTA is, there are sure to be ways that it could be made worse.

He wanted to sound conciliatory on election night, promising to seek ideas about what to do from the standard bearer for the campaign as bereft of substantial policy ideas at the top of the ticket as any in modern American history is by far the easiest empty promise to craft for that.

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