Public Union Bashing At Its Worst (and Democrats made it happen)

This is disturbing on so many levels.

Camden, NJ:  "If trends persist, Camden may soon hold the grim title of both the country's poorest and most dangerous city."

Governor Chris Christie and ALL but one of  ALL the Democrats in Camden City and Camden County (Camden City is part of Camden County) want to disband the ENTIRE Camden City Police Department, fire 'em all, as Christie believe the police union contract is "obscene."

All (but one) the Democrats in the city and county and the republican Christie want to create a new police force to patrol in Camden City and call this new force the Camden Metro Division, to be run by the county government... whatever that means.

Why?  Because they can hire desperate people who need jobs for less money, train them, and put them on the streets in Camden, the most dangerous city in the country.  As Jon Lovitz would say, "Yeah, that's the ticket."

The county is accepting applications from as far away as Alabama.  And please don't misunderstand, but just on the face of it, someone from Alabama, or anyone that's not experienced in law enforcement in a high crime area, just because they're desperate and willing to accept lower pay and benefits (in which health care insurance and pension are now referred to as "fringe" benefits by the city, county, and Christie) ... well, let me just say it ain't gonna be pretty.

The city is not even willing to renegotiate the police union contract.  Everything stinks in this scam that it's hard to choose which is the worst, but one thing is that the city, county, and Christie are not willing to divulge to the public what the "savings" of this new cool metro division will be.

Now, I don't know if any respectable media types have filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.  But they should, considering this should ALL be public information.

Hundreds of Camden City police officers have been putting their lives on the line for decades, seeing the worst of the worst, and now they're being fired.

"Camden is not a joke. Some parts of this place are a war zone," says one officer. "My friend opened up a freezer and saw a kid's head looking back at him. He's got to live with that the rest of his life."

And if you're not familiar with Camden County, it is one of the two corrupt political counties in the State of NJ.

Instead of Christie trying and probably succeeding in trying to bust a union of dedicated public servants (with the help of Democrats), he should have done this in Camden City as he did in Atlantic City:

Gov. Chris Christie has selected a former head of economic development in Boston to run the powerful Casino Reinvestment Development Authority, two sources with knowledge of the decision said tonight.[...]


More than a year ago, Christie unveiled a plan to revive the ailing resort city, expanding the state’s authority over it — including development and public safety — by carving out a large section called the Tourism District.

The above is only a sketch of how outrageous this idiotic move is to, in essence, outsource protection by way of law enforcement to the most desparate and those willing to accept really any salary because they need a job.  We pay our soldiers combat pay when they're in a war zone (not enough pay like the contractors get), so instead of writing off Camden City, either make everyone move out, find a home for them, and close it down, or do SOMETHING to bring the jobs back, but in the meanwhile, don't bring in grasshoppers to deal with people who truly need help.  And if they're so green, they'd better not shoot first and ask questions later, or oops, that "saving money" thing won't work out too well after all the lawsuits are paid out to the victims of the "shoot first, ask questions later" green brigade.



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the magnitude of idiocy here...I have no words. Well, maybe a few...give it a few years and then maybe John Carpenter can come make Escape From Camden.

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There is another very dangerous aspect to this

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If the police unions are without power, and the people hired are desperate, then conditions are ripe for corruption, for politicians and other public figures to utilize the police as their own personal army. There are more reasons than fairness that a healthy society distributes power.

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