Tomorrow! Walmart Global Day of Action! by JayRaye


Walmart's worst fear is coming true!
Tomorrow has been designated as a Global Day of Action by Walmart workers and their unions around the world. In Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, India, Nicaragua, Zambia and South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States, Walmart workers will stand together with a Solidarity that crosses international borders. They are building worldwide unity through a newly formed UNI Walmart Global Union Alliance. The fight for fairness and decent working conditions is now being organized into a strong global network!
Update: The Nation has a blog by Josh Eidelson on this story-
Tomorrow’s global protests will call for an end to alleged retaliation against US Walmart worker activists. They will also include a moment of silence for the 112 workers who died in a November 24 fire at a factory that produced Walmart apparel in Bangladesh.
Short notice, I know, but this email only just arrived yesterday. Yet never fear, we can still support this action.
Walmart Global Day of Action
Dear J--:
We did something incredible - together. This Friday, Walmart workers around the world will join our fight.
Thanks to you and the courage of over 500 Walmart workers who went on strike across the country on Black Friday, the world heard the stories of workers rather than the price of a flat screen TV.
When workers decided to strike on the busiest shopping day of the year, we wondered if more than a handful of committed activists would be there to support them. Let's be honest; most of us look forward to taking this time off, to spend time with our loved ones.
Instead, something beautiful happened. Supporters around the country stood with the strikers.
Walmart workers walked out and were greeted by nearly 1,200 reported Black Friday actions, with well over 30,000 supporters!
You made this happen.
Activists of all stripes, together with artists, musicians, actors, bloggers and community and online organizations, and unions all lent their talents to support striking Walmart workers and call on the company to change.
We are truly overwhelmed by the outpouring of support. Best of all, this is only the beginning!
This Friday, Walmart workers in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, India, Nicaragua, Zambia and South Africa are working with their unions to hold a Global Day of Action. Join them by downloading materials and holding your own Solidarity Action at a Walmart near you.
Making Change at Walmart
P.S. - Learn more about upcoming actions here.
Take Action Now!
Here is something that we can all do right now. Print out this letter and mail it today. Rain down paper upon the head of Mr Walton. Imagine truckloads of such letters in his mail room. Kossacks, it takes only a little of our time but means so much to our fellow workers at Walmart. Let's show them that they are not alone!
Rob Walton
Walmart Home Office
702 SW 8th St.
Bentonville, AR 72716-8611
Dear Mr. Walton,
We are writing to inform you that this week Walmart workers around the globe are demonstrating support for their U.S. counterparts, Walmart store associates and members of the Organization United for Respect at Walmart (OUR Walmart).
Over the last few months, these courageous employees have taken bold action in the U.S. by going on strike to demand an end to Walmart’s attempts to silence their workers and retaliate against those who speak out for change. These actions culminated in the historic Black Friday Walmart store strikes. Hundreds of workers walked off the job and were greeted by tens of thousands of community supporters at nearly 1,200 events nationwide.
Unfortunately, Walmart workers report that they continue to face intimidation and threats for speaking out.  More than 30 federal charges against Walmart have already been filed, with another 60 allegations against Walmart’s illegal threats currently under investigation.
Around the world, Walmart workers and community members have witnessed Walmart’s attempts to silence these brave workers. Collectively, we have decided that enough is enough. We will no longer stand by and allow Walmart to trample on the rights of our colleagues, friends and neighbors.
For that reason, protests, rallies and actions will be held in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, South Africa, Zambia and the United States. These events will demonstrate what should now be clear to Walmart: you must respect your workers’ freedom to speak out.
We call on Walmart to end retaliation against workers who call for change and publicly announce that it will respect the right of its workers to speak out in order to improve the company.
UNI on youtube:

UNI Walmart Global Union Alliance - supporting Walmart workers in Los Angeles


Bob Marley - Get Up Stand Up [HQ Sound]

Join the union, fellow workers,
Men and women, side by side;
We will crush the greedy shirkers
Like a sweeping, surging tide;
For united we are standing,
But divided we will fall;
Let this be our understanding-
“All for one and one for all.”
              -Joe Hill, 1910





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