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How cold was it?

It was cold enough, Embarrass, MN was in the news again.  36 below zero.  Here, it was a balmy 8 below when I left for work.  With a front tire low on air.  It'll be fine, sez me.  


At noon, a co worker said it was sitting on the rim.  You lie, I say.  I drive it, really low, and really slowly the two blocks to the filling station to get some air.   But GET THIS.


The air is so dense at that temperature, it won't go into the tire.  I waited and waited, and nothing.  So I call AAA.  Not only did my policy lapse, but it's a four hour wait.  





I have nothing to say about Barack Willard Obamney at all. It's not that I don't care. But I don't. I just yell Romney! When I get this hot. Or this bothered.

I am not built for this weather. My people come from northern climes. I have to shave my back and manly bits every week because it's so hot out I can't think. It's too hot to go to the lake. Think about that. It's so hot I've been cruising fertility sites for testicle cooling creams.



Broken Promises and the Fear From the Fallout.

Update: Changed title as suggested in comments below

Once you have experienced extreme poverty, even years later, the fear of slipping back into it lingers. The Great Recession brought back some memories from when I was a too young father, and struggling musician, and the fear of having no shelter, nothing to eat, and the humiliation of those experiences.


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