Tax Cuts for the Rich....and Fetuses?

As if we needed more evidence that our government is a fucking joke.

Republican lawmakers in Michigan, a state which eliminated tax credits for children last year, have proposed a tax credit for unborn foetuses of 12 weeks gestation.


Critics said the proposal was "absurd" and described it as a backdoor way of trying to pass "personhood" legislation which would give rights to an embryo and crack down on abortion.

Tax credits for fetuses, but not living children? The GOP said that this isn't about abortion, but their explanation makes no sense.

One of the main sponsors of the foetus tax credit bill, Jud Gilbert, a Republican representative of Algonac, said the rationale behind it was to recognise that mothers have additional bills to pay.

Apparently, the last six months of pregnancy is SO MUCH MORE expensive than the first 18 years of life that pregnant women--but not mothers of living children--need a tax credit. When will men stop obsessing over women's reproductive organs and start working on things that actually need attention?

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.




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