Gender Prison

All we ever wanted was for Coy's school to treat her the same as other little girls.

Some days there just seems to be too many stories to choose from. We finally have some people speaking out about the purge at OutServe-SLDN which I wrote about yesterday. But almost nobody was interested in that then and with the Supreme Court about to rule on DOMA, it's probably not any better today.

Then there is a decision in the case of Coy Mathis, the Colorado 6-year-old transgirl who desires to be acknowledged as a girl as she is growing up and going to school.

And there is a plea of not guilty/self-defense and additional information in the case of the severe beating of Vivian Diego in Hollywood, CA.

Or I could write about the transwoman who was stabbed 40 times in southeastern Washington, DC, in what was apparently neither a random event nor a hate crime, as far as police are concerned.

Well, the last two could go together into one article, I suppose…in a discussion of what really constitutes a hate crime. Maybe I'll try to write that piece for tomorrow.

The OutServe/SLDN elimination of its transgender leader can possibly also wait for another day.

So the good news out of Colorado appears to be the winner by default…however much it may be overshadowed by the same-sex marriage news coverage. We're used to that down here at the bottom of the human barrel.

Yesterday the Colorado Division of Civil Rights handed down a 16-page ruling (pdf) in favor of Coy Mathis which it is hoped will allow her to return to school and excel as a girl without facing discrimination.




We don't exist in "physical reality"

Focus on the Family, while speaking out in opposition to a bill progressing in the California legislature (AB 1266) that recognizes the identities of California's transgender young people in school settings, had this to say:

The reality is that humans are born male or female. At birth we don’t “assign” sex to a child arbitrarily, as the analysis of this bill implies. We recognize the child’s sex – it is a physical reality. But in the world of this bill, that reality doesn’t matter. Like Cinderella in a fantasy world, a person may choose or change his sex, saying, “I can be whatever I want to be.”

--Jeff Johnson, FoF's resident "ex-gay"

Time and again people have told me that they don't understand why we have such a difficult time having our human rights and civil liberties recognized in law. There it is…plain for all to see.





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